Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vintage Book Theme Baby Shower

{Just a little late posting this!}  Back in August, we had a baby shower for my sweet cousin, Rachel, and the incredibly beautiful baby boy she was adopting.  {You need to click over to Rachel's blog and see sweet baby Bo...he is the cutest thing you will ever lay eyes on.  Be prepared to spend hours just staring at his sweet face!}
Cait, my cousin Victoria, Rachel's friend Katie, and I {and food contributions from our wonderful family!} collaborated to host this vintage book themed baby shower.  We thought a book theme shower would be perfect for Rachel since she's a {former} English teacher and lover of books! It was so much fun working with these girls!  

// Library card invitation I made.  Template for the pocket can be found here. // Cait made the sweetest book banner.  // Mini baby blocks spelling Bonsa - from Michaels.  //  We had the shower at my Aunt & Uncle's farm, down by the pond, and it was a picture perfect place to host a party! // Yummy food made by the hostesses and family. // Mini fruit kabobs - they were on toothpicks and it was the cutest thing!  Made by V.  // Chicken salad sandwiches - Cait made the star topped toothpicks.  Love them. Cait can you just make me an unlimited stash to always have?! // Katie provided drinks with cute tags made from children's books.  Another picture of the amazing book banner.  // Sweet Amelia sipping from the baby bottles we used for cups.  //  The beautiful flower arrangements were made by Kaite {who owns Flower Fields Forever}.  They were all in book boxes that she made! // One of the shower we games we played - Rachel had to try to guess the flavor of the baby food that Victoria fed her.  So fun! //  Our dessert table. // I made Mocha Fudge Cake and a book banner cake topper. // Cait also made book page table runners that you can just barely see sitting under that cupcake - they were so cute! // Book page pinwheel cupcake toppers, made by Cait.  // I made S'mores Cupcakes - maybe a recipe post to come soon? - they were a hit.  //  Vintage books, globes, suitcases and crates were used as props - all brought from our own stashes. // Another picture of the cupcakes and those amazing toothpicks! // The favor table and a circle book page banner made by Cait. // I made mini apple pies in mason jars for the favors, topped with a vintage book page. // Our favor table also had a stash of blank library cards so that guests could write a note to Rachel, Doug and Bo. // Vintage glasses as a prop {you can see one of the book page table runners a little here too}.  Cait and I also made bookmarks as favors, inspired by these.  //  Book page elephant mobile made by my Michael - thanks love!  

Such a wonderful party & crew to help pull it off!  Congratulations to Rachel & Doug on your baby boy - we're so blessed to have Bo in our family!  


  1. aw, so fun to reminisce about this wonderful day! :)
    you guys did an AMAZING job.
    i can't wait until bonsa is old enough to see these pictures and know that it was a celebration of him! :)

  2. Always gorgeous set-ups!!

  3. you seriously need to be a party planner! gorgeous, as always!

  4. how do you make the mobile?

    1. Hi. To make our mobile, we trace an elephant silhouette onto vintage book pages. My husband then used a scroll saw to cut the pages out, so that he could do a lot of pages at once. You can just hand cut them too. We stacked our elephants in groups of 4, then sewed the groups together using clear thread - sewing through the middle of the elephants to hold the piles together. Hope that helps...

  5. I like this cool idea. Also I found this site for party supplies.



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