Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Horse Party

My sweet niece, Fabienne Joy, turned two last month!  My sister thought a horse theme party would be perfect since Fabienne loves horses.  Their family moved into a beautiful farm house in the country, and right across the street - horses!  Ever since the move and daily walks past their new 'neigh'bors {couldn't resist!} - Fabs has been smitten.  Marla & Justin also have a great old barn that was perfect for hosting the party in.  My sister graciously let Cait & me take over help plan the party with her.

All photos: Caitlin McGrath Photography.  As always, so amazing - you're the best Cait!!

// Invites designed by Justin - so perfect, as always! // Cait made the amazing lace doily & burlap bunting - we re-used the happy birthday bunting from previous parties.  //  The sweet birthday girl and her mama. //  Cait just happened to find some amazing spurs right before the party - she's the best at that!  Cutest itty-bitty cowgirl boots I ever did see! //  Food & drinks - and some official horse gear borrowed from a friend.  // My mama & Marla made caramel apples - perfect looking!  Yummy homemade caramel popcorn that I need to blog the recipe for sometime.  //  Pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting - I still daydream about this cake, it was soo good.  // French toast cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting.  Recipe for these coming soon! // Homemade chex mix made by Marla.  I needed a scoop for the popcorn and couldn't find one at a store, so my Michael just whipped one up for me.  No big deal.  This guy is amazing!! // Cait wrapped jars with lace and put candles in them. // She also made this amazing, amazing scrap fabric bunting that I just love.  I need to make my own!  Or just steal hers. // Oh those boots! //  What, your mama doesn't braid your hair in the barn?!  My mama is a master braid-er {official term} - I can't braid worth my life.  #guessthatswhyihadthreeboys // Paper straws from Target - on clearance! // Some sexy cowboy drinking cider. // Fabienne seemed pretty excited about the cake.  //  However, I think our singing troubled her a bit - ha! // The boys were more excited about the gifts and did more unwrapping than Fabs did.  Also, note that perfect wrapping paper Cait had on hand! // Uncle Jojo mows nature trails for the kids to run through.  //  My grandma is also a lover of horses, this is a picture she gave me a while back, dated 1967. // Cait & I {mostly Cait} thrifted some horses in the weeks before the party.  Every horse party needs some carrots! // Our version of a hay ride - Levi pulling Fabs {and it was soo windy that day!} // My sweet baby sis made this horse banner for the party and then mailed it all the way from Cali.  So thoughtful & helpful, even though she's living across the country! // Be still my heart - my cowboy and our baby.  Love this photo.  //  Music. Candles. // Ropes.  Bridles.  // My sister recently thrifted this amazing wooden seesaw.  Aunt Jan and Malacai had fun on it.  // Cowboy hats. Horse on a stick.  // Cait had the brillant idea of using the diy tutorial on A Beautiful Mess to make our own pony dresses/skirts.  We had a fun crafternoon together and made these.  Mike of course whipped up three pony stamps for us.  Of course.  I love the pony in the pocket on Cait's skirt!

Such a fun party in a perfect setting!!  Thanks big seester, for letting me help out on our daughter's party.  ;)  Happiest second birthday to Fabienne Joy - Auntie Manda loves you!

See more on Marla's and Cait's blogs!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Superheroes

The cutest little superheroes I ever did see.  They had fun being superboys this year for Halloween.  I had fun making their costumes with help from my mama and my Michael.  Now I'm having fun stealing candy from the superheroes....

Pictures a mix of mine and Cait's.  Thanks Cait!


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