Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten on Ten :: October

One photo, for ten hours, on the tenth.  Linking up with Rebekah's Ten on Ten.

:: Getting up when it's still dark out is hard.  Watching the sunrise makes it a little bit easier.
:: Lincoln has bed head going on every morning.
:: Vintage sheets - ready for some party crafting.
:: Ridiculous-ness.
:: Levi
:: If I had a dollar for every toy I've tripped over...
:: Homeschool
:: Roasted butternut squash & sweet potato soup
:: Coloring is my fav.  So is this thrifted vintage crayon holder.
:: I love fall, yes I do.  

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  1. could this be true?! :)
    can't wait to rip up those sheets!
    and kiss the tiny babe.

  2. The first pic is amazing!

  3. I saw your AMAZING pictures and... came back to your description (just to make sure you WERE a photographer. You should be!!!!).

    (participating from... BRAZIL!)

  4. that box of crayons is simply wonderful !

  5. I love Fall too and the gas is insane right now!! Your pictures are so beautiful.

  6. These are wonderful photos... I love the color you captured in each one - and how it ties them all together. Favorite? The vintage crayon box!

  7. the crayon holder is amazing!
    & the xylophone.

    um, i wanna party craft...

  8. Your first photo is stunning!

  9. i'll be the next to comment on that gorgeous first shot!

  10. Totally gorgeous set!
    Amazing sunrise shot.
    Haha, I have those sheet too. Thrifted. I've cut into a few but haven't been able to cut some- they're so pretty!

  11. What a beautiful set! I love the crayon box!!!

  12. love these pics! crayon box is awesome. and i can totally relate to tripping over toys - right?? it's like your foot lifts up and somehow a tractor appears under it to fall over :o)

  13. .. love the linco bed head!!
    .. i want vintage sheets for my bed?!
    .. mmm, bring me some soup.
    .. yeah, that crayon holder... need to get my personal shopping assistant on that.
    .. ou, i owe my shopping assistant some monies...
    .. love the white pumpkin! pulley's?

    1. good luck with vintage sheets for your bed - i've been searching for months and can never find any queen! lots o' single sets though. your personal shopper can probably get those for you. ;)
      yup - pully's!



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