Monday, September 3, 2012

Farewell Summer

One last summer celebration.  Roasting marshmallows over the bonfire and making s'mores. Having a backyard sleep out in the tent.  {Well, Levi & I stayed in the house - he wouldn't do so well in a tent...with other people within eye-sight}.

I'm sad to see the end of summer.  Not that I'm going to miss the hot weather - no, not one little bit!  {I  am soo excited for fall weather...and fall food...and being able to bake without sweating to death...and getting rid of all these bugs!}  But I'm not looking forward to school starting back up.  I hate the routine and busyness it creates.  Although I feel like there's no more lazy days of summer once you have kiddos, at least there's the freedom of not having something you have to be doing or getting ready for. We do go non-stop throughout the summer, but it's all our own choosing {mostly}. And I hate that it means my boys are another year older and time is slipping by too quickly.  So farewell sweet summer - you'll {mostly} be missed!

*It took Levi about 20 minutes to eat that one s'more...what's wrong with that kid?!  And the picture of the marshmallow with the chocolate in it is what my family calls a Swiss S'more {long story to do with a friend from Switzerland and a camping trip in the ADKS} - but you must try it!  Just roast a marshmallow to perfection, add a bit of chocolate, let it get a little melty and enjoy!  And please excuse my love's dirty nails...he's a hardworking man.


  1. OH, Manda - love your pics. But I agree - WHEN is the cooler weather going to start? So hard to start back to school in this heat!!

  2. ha! i was gonna comment on dad's nice nails.
    so sweet that dad and the boys had a little overnighter.

  3. You have a lovely family, Manda!



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