Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School :: 2012 Edition

And so it begins...a new school year.  With a first grader and a preschooler!  I'm excited to see what the year brings for the boys - how they will change and grow.  And I'm praying that they make good friends, good grades {cool Mama, cool}, and are loving and Christ-filled little boys!  I know that the most important things they will learn will be taught at home, but I hope they can reflect that in their school life.  And praying that Malacai is especially kind to his teacher this year {haa - see below}.  And please, please just meet good friends {no crazies, no bad-boys} - and please don't be the crazy or bad-boy!

Lincoln finally got excited about going back to school about a week ago.  Shew!  I was nervous that it was going to be tough sending him out this morning because he had been dreading it all summer.  I finally starting feeling a little excited last night.  Once I had everything checked off my to-do list.  The boys going to school has made me realize how much I don't like school!  What kind of mama am I?! And why is school so much work - even for the parents?!  I've already done my time...
I do love buying school supplies though.  Some brand new pencils, pretty folders & notebooks, yes please!

Malacai will actually be doing preschool at home this year.  ?!?!  Not sure how this will go.  The preschool program that Lincoln went to more than doubled its price this year {craaazy I know} and the other local preschool wasn't going to work schedule-wise.  So I'll play teacher this year...with my hardest to teach - eeps!  Any words of wisdom or websites to check out from any mamas out there that have done this would be greatly appreciated!  {Although I'm not stressing about this too much - it's preschool.  And I feel like I know a little of what to do from watching Linc do his year.}  I'm feeling greatly relieved that I don't have to work my schedule around a half day of school....maybe if it goes well I'll do it for Levi too!

Silly, silly boys.  I love them so!

Ahh - the backpacks? bookbags? -  I switch back and forth between the two.  The backpack situation is actually quite a struggle for me.  I want so badly to get one that I like - one without a character on it!  But I know that what is cool to mama is not cool to a first grader...but I wanted more time to be in control of these things - at least till middle school!  But I want Linc to feel excited about school and feel proud of the things he picked.  So I decided he could choose this year - with the rule that I had to like it too.  The kid is obsessed with batman.  He has a batman tee that he would wear every day if I let him.  I always bury it under other shirts in his dresser when I put his clothes away - but he knows when it's back in calls to him!  Oy.  He probably would have insisted that he wear it to school today {like he didn't wear it every other day to kindergarten?!} if I didn't have Uncle Justin to use as a clothes manipulator.  "Uncle Jojo will think your shirt is really cool."  "Uncle Jojo will like those shoes."  I'm horrible - I don't even know if Uncle Jojo would like it {his shirt has guitars on it Just, you like, right?}!  But it works to get him to wear what I want!
And poor Malacai - hand-me-downs all the time.  That was Linc's backpack last year.  And since he's not really using it this year, I'll probably make him use it for kindergarten.  And I sadly just realized his entire outfit was Linc's last day of school outfit.  {Oy - what is with me and the plaid shorts?!} Poor kid.  He won't get too much sympathy out of me though - I too was second born.

And he's off!  With a bookbag weighing about 50 pounds!  And having to tote another bag with him.  What is with our school district not having a meet the teacher day so our kids know where to go and can drop off some of the store-load of supplies they need?!

And to show how much of a morning person I am not, it took about 5 photos before I even noticed which side of the chalkboard Linc was holding up!

Wrong!  Haa!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Farewell Summer

One last summer celebration.  Roasting marshmallows over the bonfire and making s'mores. Having a backyard sleep out in the tent.  {Well, Levi & I stayed in the house - he wouldn't do so well in a tent...with other people within eye-sight}.

I'm sad to see the end of summer.  Not that I'm going to miss the hot weather - no, not one little bit!  {I  am soo excited for fall weather...and fall food...and being able to bake without sweating to death...and getting rid of all these bugs!}  But I'm not looking forward to school starting back up.  I hate the routine and busyness it creates.  Although I feel like there's no more lazy days of summer once you have kiddos, at least there's the freedom of not having something you have to be doing or getting ready for. We do go non-stop throughout the summer, but it's all our own choosing {mostly}. And I hate that it means my boys are another year older and time is slipping by too quickly.  So farewell sweet summer - you'll {mostly} be missed!

*It took Levi about 20 minutes to eat that one s'more...what's wrong with that kid?!  And the picture of the marshmallow with the chocolate in it is what my family calls a Swiss S'more {long story to do with a friend from Switzerland and a camping trip in the ADKS} - but you must try it!  Just roast a marshmallow to perfection, add a bit of chocolate, let it get a little melty and enjoy!  And please excuse my love's dirty nails...he's a hardworking man.


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