Friday, August 17, 2012

Country Picnic Party

I've been a super-slacker blogger lately.  Summer just seems so much harder to be consistent.  Soo, I'm finally getting around to posting Lincoln's birthday party pictures....from June.  {Eeps!}

This year, Lincoln wanted a tractor party.  Since I wanted to keep it a bit more low-key, and struggled with the idea of just tractors, I thought a country picnic with tractors incorporated would be nice.  Lincoln got his tractors, and pretty much all the decorations & props were things I had around the house {or borrowed} or supplies leftover from previous parties.  Nice for me and my wallet.

This was also super fun for me because my baby sis was home to help me throw a party and both her & Craig were home to come to a party - hooray!!  {Except we have no pictures of us all together?!  Whaaat??!!!}  Sorry about the quality of some of the photos - I can't take pictures and throw a party...too much pressure!  

//Invites were made & printed at home - on kraft paper. //  Our food table with a vintage quilt and the birthday banner from Linc's party last year.  // The silverware and paper goods were all extras from previous parties. // Drinks were lemonade and chocolate & regular milk.  //  Dessert table: vanilla cake {Linc's fav}, peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies, mini apple & raspberry pies.  //  Egg salad & chicken salad sandwiches wrapped with kraft paper & twine.  //  Flowers from Marla's amazing garden at her new house.  My mama brought fresh fruit. // A basket of apples - I scored this basket at a garage sale a week before the party - yes!! // Pie in a jar! // Fresh cherries and soda in bottles of course! // The food table again.  // We roasted hot dogs over the fire.  //  Drink table {do you see the tiny black spot on the front of the table - a bird pooped on it right after I put the table cloth on!  The nerve!}  I love this glass cocoa milk bottle - it's my mom's, and I decided to do cookies & milk just so I could use her bottle.  //  Purple{ish} drink & stashe for the birthday boy {purple is his fav}.  //  Levi was picking out apples, taking one bite, and putting them back in the basket!  //  Delicious popcorn made by Craig & Cristin.  //  Watermelon on a stick.  Um, who put their chewed one back on the plate? And why didn't I notice before I took a picture?!  //  S'more goodness.  A cute tractor sucker from Oliver's from mama.  //  Apple & raspberry pies in a jar.  //  The tractor cake.  Vanilla-vanilla for the vanilla-lovin' boy.  //  He barely got to blow out his candles - the wind beat him to it.  //  Gifts went in the vintage wheelbarrow - it's my parents, I want to steal it.  Also, notice the super fancy wrapping my fam does - garbage bags!  We're classy like that.  //  Vintage milk can borrowed from my parents.  {When I was asking them if I could borrow it for the party, I told them I wanted to buy it {instead of borrow it}.  I still laugh so hard every time I think about that - my dad looked so confused!}  Sweet little Levi in his tractor overalls - a great thrift find a few years ago! //   Gingham girls - both Fabienne and I wore vintage gingham - cause we're awesome like that.  //  Cousins!

So much country fun!  Couldn't do it without all the help from my lovely family...bringing food and loaning props!  xo  


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