Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Days

These hot days of summer leave me feeling sluggish {and, to be honest, cranky}.  Sitting around in a fort eating delicious cookies made by Nana seems to be doing enough for me.  {Malacai is missing from these photos because he was in his room, "napping"}.
In that last photo, Lincoln was getting annoyed with me...apparently my picture taking was not part of his game.  I'm not even sure what game he was playing.  Something that later involved a mixing bowl, measuring spoon and song about how he loves pancakes.  Ha!  That boy.  And yes, he's sporting a flag tattoo on his cheek.  Happy {belated} 4th!  


  1. so cute. can i come eat cookies in the fort too? tonight at dinner colden goes, "where's malakin...and levi?" hahah

  2. your fort looks so cute!
    i love your comment about being cranky in hot weather - so true.
    my mom always says, "when the temperature rises, so does the murder rate." HA!

  3. super cute fort.
    perfect picture of weebs!!

  4. That is absolute! It's been too hot to set up outside here lately, so we made a tent fort in the living room last week.



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