Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Fashion :: Ring Bearer Style

Last month, Malacai was the ring bearer in a close family friend's wedding.  The wedding was at the lake and for weeks Cai thought that he was going up to the lake to go fishing with Hannah!  I have no idea how he got that from being told he was going to be in Hannah's wedding.  Lincoln thought Malacai was actually marrying Hannah.  Oh these boys!!
He did really well in the wedding - during the rehearsal he had us worried that he might not cooperate very well, but he did just fine.  He was happy to walk down the aisle with the "little princess"  - which is what he called the flower girl.
He was originally supposed to be wearing a bow tie, like the groomsmen, but there was some sort of mix up at the rental place and he ended up with a tie instead.  Still the cutest little ring bearer though!

{Oh this boy can ham it up for sure!  
And that's a little wooden canoe that he carried down the aisle with the rings on it}

And I just have to show off the crafty-ness of Mike and Cait.  They worked together to make this super cute cake topper for the wedding cake!  They should sell these, right?!

Shirt: Target
Suspenders: Belt Outlet
Tie: rental
Pants: vintage, thrifted
Shoes: vintage, thrifted by Cait
Hat: thrifted by Cait



  1. what a cute boy! i love that the boys were so confused about the wedding... too funny!

  2. i swoon from cuteness ;) great wedding style!

  3. So cute I can't stand it! You have such a great eye.

  4. YES, add those cake toppers to the red bird shop!



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