Friday, April 20, 2012

Girls Getaway

Last weekend, Marla & I had a Girls Getaway.  We booked a room at a fancy-schmancy hotel {got a deal through Hotwire}, booked massages, made some yummy treats and headed out.  

Mar posing on the king size bed for a picture I was sending mom 
{um, how is she eight months preggers and looking that tiny??!}

After spending quite a while on Urban Spoon and Yelp, we decided to try this mexican restaurant out.
Neither of us were very impressed though.

Every girl's trip must include {at least one} stop at Wegmans. 
Stocking up on some good coffee and my creamer.   

I made s'mores bars and cookies 'n cream bars for our trip

One of the exciting things we had planned was finally getting to watch Downton Abbey.  We've both heard a lot of good things about the show and started watching season 1 {we only managed to get 2 episodes in over the weekend...we were tired mamas and couldn't stay up very late}.  Those 2 shows got us hooked though.

Another must for a good girl's trip - some thrifting!

We ate lunch at The Towpath Cafe along the canal - they have great vegetarian panini's

{There was a massage thrown in here - but didn't take pictures of that. Awkward.  
But that was also a highlight of the trip.}  

One of my favorite places to visit - Moonlight Creamery

Because of this - salted caramel ice cream {although I do wish they made theirs w/o nuts!}

We tried hard to get a picture of ourselves in front of the creamery

I made my first trip ever to Anthropologie.  I know people, I know - I'm a little behind.  {Also, I think this was the first time I've been in a mall in a few years}.  And oh my word, I have been missing out {with Anthro - not the mall}.  I think this is the only store besides Salvation Army that I could walk out of with my cart over loaded.  However my wallet won't really allow that....

We stopped in at H&M and this picture is why I don't bother to shop at the mall.  You can't tell very well from this picture, but this dress and mine were so alike.  Mine was less than $2...the other $18 {I think}.  See, who needs the mall?  {Plus mine was better because it's vintage & has a pocket}  

There was a lot of singing in the car to some old-school songs.  {Um, I can't sing & take pictures of myself at the same time...}  Particularly, this song.  Seriously.  Learn the words, sing along, and then tell me there's a better song to sing along with.  

Saturday's dinner was pizza & cheesy bread.  Not cheese bread.  Cheesy bread.  {Marla tried ordering cheese bread and it confused the girl on the phone....big difference Mar, big difference}

Artichoke garlic pizza - pretty good.  {Not such a fan of the cheesy bread}

Busted an instagrammer

Just taking some pictures of myself in the bathroom.  

Working it. 

Made a stop for donuts - I never ended up eating mine {Mar, how were they?} so I can't tell ya whether this place was any good or not.  Based on looks though, they seemed like regular old donuts you would get from anywhere.  Why is there not a good donut place around here?  So far, I've only been to two donut places that have amazing donuts.  Mary's Bakery in Inlet, NY and Oram's in Beaver Falls, PA.  That's it.  Two places.  What is the deal people?  I want amazing donuts at my door step!!  {Apple cider donuts from apple farms are in a different category and we have a great place nearby}  Ugh - and now I really just want a donut.  Moving on...

We did, however, find a new awesome bagel place, Balsam Bagels.  Soo good.  I had a rosemary & olive oil bagel with roasted red pepper cream cheese.  Wishing that this place was a little closer to home too.  

Stopped at this barn sale on the way home.  One of my favorite places to shop.  And I've decided I need to spend an entire weekend just thrift barn sales, garage sales, estate sales, thrift shops.  Ahhh - that would be a dreamy weekend - who's in?

Finally home with our babers.  {Levi & Fabs kept pushing each other while we were trying to take this photo...ha!}

Had such a fun weekend with my big seester.  So blessed to have sisters that are my best friends too {we missed our little Gingy-bean though....girls getaway to CA?}.  We're thinking this needs to be a monthly thing.  ;)  I'm sure the guys would be all for it.



  1. (had some typos - here's to a second attempt)
    SOO fun and such a great idea for being refreshed and recharged as busy Mamas!! Here's a comment for each photo:
    1. I agree-Mar does not look 8 months preggo in that pic
    2. You should come here for Mexican food- you won't be disappointed
    3. WEGMANS!!!!!!!!!!
    4. You can send some of those snacks my way
    5. Downtown Abbey? Never heard of it - i'll have to check it out
    6. LOVE that thrift-ing was a part of your girls getaway! (this kept auto correcting to thirsting...ha!)
    7. Yummm
    8 & 9 : Now I want ice cream :)
    10: Such beautiful women (it's incomplete without someone else tho...)
    11: Cool creative photo
    12: I agree about prices...and I also dread malls
    13: I played the song and sang along for the parts I could remember. Andy gave me a weird look and then left the room. Chorizo got scared (cuz I was jamming) and jumped off the chair she was sleeping on
    14 & 15: Yummy & Yummy
    16: This photo looks like it's from like 1912
    17: This one looks like it's from 1955
    18: Someone had to work on vacation? :(
    19: No good donuts here...sorry
    20: That bagel vase is AWESOME!
    21: I want to go to a barn sale!
    22: They're getting SOO big!! And don't even look like they were fighting

    Definitely wish I could have come along...I am all for Girls Getaway CA Stlye (airline credit card miles?!?)

    Super fun post - so glad you ladies did that!

    1. haaa! love that you scared off andy & chorizo!
      no worries about working on vaca, i sold me house!!!
      we had some pretty good donuts there...buttercream or something?
      perhaps me & mand could drive to sb like we did to bf. [what.was.that?!] ;)

    2. i know - i so need some good mexican food.
      haa - i can't believe neither andy or chorizo appreciated your singing!! or the song.
      it's your job to find some good donuts before we come out. ;)

    3. haa - what.was.that?! best ever!! that was such a fun girls trip!

  2. such a fun weekend! so nice you gals could get away and do this! your idea of a weekend of thrifting, barn sales, etc... is amazing. you could scope out sales...have an itinerary and a map. i'd love that!! i keep telling jeremy i need summer to be here so i can get colden clothes!! we always find great stuff at yard sales for him!!

    1. yes v - glad you're in!! i know - i can't wait for garage sale season. tis the most wonderful time of the year. ;)

  3. looks like such a fun weekend!!! lots of good food & good girl time! :)
    also - i LOVE that barn on 104. amazing.

    1. amazing for reals.

    2. ha - love that you knew that barn. :)

  4. great idea ladies!! rest, relaxation, shopping, and food - can't go wrong!! a thrifting adventure sounds amazing. i can't wait for summer when i can head upstate and go to the REAL sales!!

    1. we did want to do a girls trip to NYC - although Craig would have been involved then - so guess we couldn't have called it a girls trip. had to nix that idea though with my foot surgery. :(
      i always want to have someone set up a shop in NYC and we can buy stuff around here and send it there to sell for like 100 times what we paid! ;) you in?

  5. haa! thanks for posting the lovely pic on the bed...
    so much goodness in one weekend...once a month, yes!
    the donut with the filling was so-so, the cake donut was pretty tasty. but no mary's or oram's, that's for sure. let's open our donut shop!!! [we just need to hire some early birds to make the donuts...]

    1. you're looking hot on the bed! plus you don't even look preggers, so i had to show it.

  6. those cookie bars look amaaazing!

  7. i think i could handle some all weekend long thrifting adventures.
    if only i had unlimited funds.

    love those pushy babes!

  8. Manda, I think you have the greatest blog!

    I actually came by to award you the Liebster Blog Award! I just love your blog and all that you've shared - especially those outfits and recipes!

    Click on over here to grab your award and to see what to do with it :) Hope you haven't gotten it yet, let me know if so!

    Have an awesome day.

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice



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