Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Story of the Skunk Who is No More

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Malacai who went outside to play.  After a few minutes of being outside, he came running into the kitchen and told Mama, "there's a skunk outside!".  Mama wasn't quite sure if there really would be a skunk outside, as Malacai liked to sometimes say things just for the fun of it, but she preceded with caution to be on the safe side.  Peering around the corner of the porch, Mama saw the tip of a black & white tail and turned around and ran back inside.  After some pleading, Malacai finally came back inside too.  Thankfully, Daddy was at home working in the garage, so Mama called Daddy and said there might be a skunk hanging out by the porch, could he go check it out?  So Daddy came out to check it out and verified that sure enough, there was a skunk.
The skunk spent a few minutes sniffing around the garden and then meandered onto the porch, where he sniffed various objects left on the porch by little boys.
He then meandered around the yard and driveway a bit before finally, much to Mama's relief, heading to the field.  
The skunk then decided that the grass was greener on the other side of the road, and somehow, managed to make it across the road without getting hit by a car.  He made his way through the field and to the barns across the road where he disappeared for a bit.  After a while, the skunk reappeared and starting making his way towards the neighbor's house.  Fortunately, the farmer happened to be working by the barns that day, and noticed the new friend checking out his property.  He drove his tractor back to the house, grabbed his gun, and now the skunk is no more.  Mama really likes farmers and couldn't be happier to live across the road from one.

The End

And also happening in our world - this tiny man has been feeling quite under the weather today.  Poor babes.


  1. Poor little guy! His cheekys are so chapped! I hope he feels better! And cheers to the deceased skunk and the love of farmers!

  2. Wow do I despise skunks.
    Did I tell you about the time my husband went home when I was camping withthe kids and didn't zip the tent and a skunk came in my tent and was walking all over the place like a boss? Mmmmyeah. NOT AWESOME.

    1. Pamela - yes! As I was watching the skunk meander around our property I thought of you & your camping story and how it was better to have one on my porch than in my tent with my babies!! Ughh - still cannot believe that that happened to you

  3. poor little baby weebs.
    glad you guys aren't all stinky!

  4. Poor wee pet. Hope he's on the mend C:

    Glad to see the skunk gone.

  5. you're just lucky he didn't crawl under your porch...

    vword: gormanda ...your bakery name? te hee.



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