Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This has been my view for the last 5 days.  Recovery from my foot surgery last Thursday has been a little more intense than originally thought.  The surgery went great and my foot feels fine...as long as I don't walk more than 10 steps.  Or go up any stairs.  Or chase little boys around.  Going into this surgery, I thought that I'd be resting & recovering over the weekend and come Monday, be back at it.  Not quite as active, but functioning.  {This is about how my surgery went last year when I had the spot of skin cancer removed...rest a couple days, no exercising or heavy duty things for about 2 weeks, then stitches out and I'm good}.  Turns out my foot is a little more intense. Maybe because my cyst was connected to a joint or ligament or some little thingamabob.  I can't do anything!  For TWO WEEKS!!!  I can't drive.  Right now, walking more than a few steps makes my foot start hurting something fierce.  I can't take care of my own children.
I have to admit, a few weeks ago, reading that on someone's blog, I would have thought, lucky her -  a two week break from it all!  And I had soo been looking forward to that 4 days off over this past weekend.  I had borrowed a stack of books & DVDs from the library.  We had child care plans in place for the weekend.  But finding out that I'd be sitting on my tush for so long kind of took away all that rest & relaxation vibe.  I've been worrying, fretting and feeling extremely guilty over it the last few days.  Wondering how we're going to get by.  Feeling so guilty that Mike has to do it all.  {Guilt that I put on myself - he just shrugs it off and says what can you do?  Oh that I could share that mindset!}.  And quite honestly, feeling a little depressed and sorry for myself.  What is the point of getting out of bed in the morning so that I can just sit there?!
So.  That is where I'm at.
I know that things will get better.  This is just temporary.  I need to focus on the things I can do...and pray that I'll heal quickly - and maybe can start hobbling around by myself by the end of the week so Mike can catch a break. And be grateful that I married the most amazing man that can confidently handle running the house while I'm out of commission.    


  1. So sorry things have been rougher than expected. Hope that you get the rest your foot needs but are able to remain sane until you're back to normal.

  2. oh commander. hopefully i will be feeling better soon so we could at least bring a dinner. and i'm glad you have such an amazing husband who takes good care of you!

  3. Let me know what you need my dear! I can help! I have totally been there and it stinks. I am praying for a quick recovery!



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