Friday, March 16, 2012


Some images from my day yesterday.  Finally had the cyst removed from my foot.  My foot's actually been feeling pretty good - not too much pain.  Now it's trying to figure out how to do anything while having to hobble around.  
Hospital bracelets

One of the worst parts - IV.  Now I have a lump & bruise on my hand.  

Should a person this klutzy be trusted to hobble around on crutches....probably not the safest idea.  

This was waiting for me when I walked in the kitchen.  Too cute.  
{Notice the dead flower that Malacai wanted to pick for me!}

My super stylish boot!

So thankful that I haven't been in too much pain.  And for my wonderful family for helping out.  For our Caitie-did for spending the night and taking care of the boys in the morning.  For my sister-in-law and niece for watching the boys all day.  That Cait & Tori had the boys over for dinner & a sleep-over.  For my mama, daddy, sisterbrother-in-law & the cutest little niecey-noo bringing me dinner and entertaining me.  For my in-laws coming to spend a couple days with us to help with the boys. And especially for my Michael - for everything.  I'm blessed by my family.        


  1. aw, such sweet get-better cards from your little men!

    hope you continue to heal quickly! love & prayers.

  2. Hoping for a quick recovery!!

  3. so wonderful to be able to lean on family! hope you heal up fast!!

  4. did you especially love the christmas tree on lincoln's card?



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