Thursday, March 1, 2012

Penny Thoughts

{A penny for your thoughts = Penny Thoughts.  Penny Thoughts = a bunch of randomness from my head}

I was filling out a form this morning and wrote down my maiden name.  Whoa.  Haven't done that in a while.

Speaking of maiden names, Malacai is always chanting my mom's maiden name.  He'll just be playing with his cars or whatever and say over and over, bannister, bannister, bannister...haa!!  No idea.

Lincoln is home sick today.  He has a bad cough {and keeps thinking he is about to throw up because of the cough - he's got a gag reflex like his mother....feeling annoyance at said mother for passing this down}.  I think he's got a fever too, but can't get the kid to let us take his temp.  What do you use to take your kids temps?  Any suggestions for good thermometers or methods or tips??

Has anyone had surgery recently?  I'm scheduled to have foot surgery in a couple of weeks and cannot believe the amount of "homework" I've had to do ahead of time.  Filling out forms and mailing them in.  Going online and filling out more forms.  And on these forms it says on the day of surgery I'll need to review more forms when I check in...holy paperwork batman!

I'm having a rough day today.  Lots of gut pain.  Like can't walk standing up straight gut pain.  The good news, I think I figured out one of my triggers.  Last night Mike and I were doing some shopping for Malacai's birthday party and I thought I'd save us some time, money and calories by packing us sandwiches to eat on the way to the city.  I'm thinking the whole wheat bread has done me in.  Too much fiber.  ??  

Linc just had his first cavity filled last week.  I was tempted to not do it.  It's a baby tooth.  And we have no dental insurance!  Ughhh - $200 for a tooth that's going to fall out!!!  He needs to get a job!  ;)  He was really good though...and cute!  And it was funny to watch him try to drink with a numb lip.

A real actual mail truck delivered our mail today!  Whaaat??!!  We live in the country - our mailman drives a pick up.  What is going on?

Lincoln just remembered that he had PE today and begged to be allowed to go to school.  Definitely not his mama's son there!!  I think I was always "sick" on PE days.  Haa!

A friend recently told us that Byrne Dairy stores sold milk in glass bottles {and has the best chocolate milk...I won't support that statement unless I do a test taste with various other chocolate milks.  Anyone have a fav chocolate milk brand?}.  We happened to drive by one last night, so we stopped to check it out.  
Don't these look so nice?  I wish milk was still delivered to your house in glass bottles - how amazing would that be?!  {Also - I am so buying that green milk for St. Patti's Day!!}

Been thinking on this that I read in my devos the other day: "This is the covenant that God wants between his children and himself....We can make an inner commitment of heart to him.  That one-time decision costs our whole heart and our whole life.  We must love him more than anything else in existence.  If we want to enter into a deeper relationship with God, he must be our first love, and that love must overshadow and control all of the other loves in our life." 


  1. UGH! I hope you feel better! I am so blessed not to have a child with a weak gag reflex! LOL It's the small things I take for granted! :) Those glass bottles made me nostalgic for the days of Leave it to Beaver. Tell Linc I hope he feels better! Take good care of yourself Mama. If you need ANYTHING let me know!

  2. My Mama just had foot surgery on Tuesday! Some people's gag reflexes are other people's bunions.... and I have def inherited. Sad. She had paperwork to do too... And went in two hours early to get settled and I'm guessing review as well. Never fun, but I hope the outcome is good!! I'll be thinking of you!

  3. love the picture of lincoln at the dentist!

  4. i just want to squeeze my little linco-bean, he looks so tense in that pic, poor little guy. hopefully he didn't inherit auntie marmo's teef!
    didn't mooms used to get that milk when we were little? it looks familiar...

  5. The PE comment made me laugh out loud. Remember our senior year, Coach Saunders told to show up at least once a week so he didn't have to fail us. Golf, first period, ew.

    I hate to see if but could it be a Gluten issue? I have major gut issues, dairy.

    Feel better, Moo!!


  6. fave chocolate milk = Borden's...mmm!

    glad you decided to fill the cavity (i am a dental hygienist). baby teeth are very important to hold the proper spacing for the permanent teeth. and better to fix now before he is in pain. cute pic at the dentist!!

  7. welcome to the club linco j.
    i can't believe it cost $200! mine weren't even that much a couple months ago.



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