Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Monday

Happy Monday my friends.  It's been one of those days.  Rough night with interruptions from the little ones {too many of those happening lately}.  Over slept.  Running here.  Running there.  Having to turn back around because I forgot to pack the diapers.  Wanting to eat everything.  Need to go to bed early tonight and hope for an easier tomorrow.
So here's something my tired-out self can handle.      

ABC's of ME {as seen @ Victoria's, Rachel's & Lyndsay's!}

Age: 30.

Bed size: queen.

Chores that you hate: cleaning the bathtub. and toilets.

Dogs: fine as long as they don't belong to me. or wake me up with their barking.

Essential start to your day: showering. devos. coffee.

Favorite color: currently - red.

Gold or Silver: silver.

Height: 5 feet/8 inches.

Instruments you play: none. but i rocked the bass clarinet hard core in high school.  {oh sarah - we were too cool for school!}

Job title: which job - best wife? best mama? best sister? best baker? best secretary? best sleeper? best thrift shopper? yea - i do it all.

Kids: zachary. caitlin. lincoln. malacai. levi. {one time my gramma sent a letter to us and it was addressed to mike, manda, 4 boys and 1 girl.  too cute!}

Live: tiny town, western new york.

Mother's Name: mama love best friend.  mooms.  mimi.

Nicknames: {love them}. mand. mooie.  moo.  commander.

Overnight hospital stays: yep.

Pet peeves: iye, iye, iye...i sadly have many.  biggest?  probably thoughtless drivers.  

Quote from a movie or tv show: "she hadda go bathroom."

Right or Lefty: righty.

Siblings: older sister.  younger brother.  younger sister.  i am the coolest.

Time you wake up: which time? the time that the baby wakes me up?  the time the older brother wakes me? the time right before i need to get up? or the shoot i overslept time?

Underwear: "u is for underwear down in the dryer..."

Vegetable you hate: raw broccoli.  one of my favs if it's cooked.  weird?

What makes you run late: three little munchkins. {wouldn't it be funny if i really meant eating three dunkin donuts munchkins made me late...}

X-Rays: just had one a couple of weeks ago.

Yummy food you make: click here.

Zoo Animal: i need to go to the zoo more.  giraffe.


  1. i can totally relate to you "wanting to eat everything." ugh, totally was totally that day for me. i got to work and immediately starting eating and that set the tone for the day = food and food. ugh.

    i'm gonna go eat now...opps!!! i mean GO TO BED..hahah :o)

  2. U is for underwear down in the dryer...
    I love Frances!

  3. i just had a reese peanut butter cup for breakfast.

  4. completely agree with d.



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