Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Fashion :: Vintage Sweaters

Lincoln won't let me pick out his clothes for him anymore....except on Sundays.  That's the only day I can get him to let me.  Apparently, I pick out "pretty clothes".  He has about 3 shirts that he wants to wear.  Batman, batman, and big truck.  If I want him to branch out and wear something different, my strategy has been to tell him that Uncle Jojo would think that shirt is really cool - and it usually works for that day.  :)  So now you know if you see Lincoln in a picture, and he's wearing something other than batman or a big truck, the picture was probably taken on a Sunday!
Ah well - at least I still have two "dress-up dolls" left.  My days are numbered though...

On Lincoln: button-up shirt - vintage, thrifted | sweater - vintage, thrifted | jeans - thrifted | converse: thrifted
On Malacai: button-up shirt - vintage, thrifted | sweater - vintage, thrifted | pants - hand-me-down | shoes: Target {Linc's from last year}
On Levi: onesie - thrifted | sweater: vintage Bluebird, thrifted | pants - ?? | shoes - thrifted

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{Happy stitches-out-day for me today  - woot woot!!}


  1. Your boys are so sweet! I love how you styled your "dress up boys". ;-)

  2. well, don't they look handsom! I love little boys all dressed up. And Lincoln sound slike he has a great role model in Uncle Jojo.

  3. my lord they are cute! my father had 3 brothers and these pics remind me of them so much!

  4. hahaha. i pretty much was crying laughing at that first picture.
    lincoln & malacai's body types are so different in the shadows.

    and i love smiley babe in that second to last picture.

  5. New Fan-- love your blog--and your little boys!



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