Friday, March 9, 2012

Few Things Friday

This is my fabulous ceramic egg rack.  I looove it.  My step-son, Zac, gave it to me for Christmas.  I believe it's a must have for anyone with chickens.  ;)

Did you notice that blogger recently changed the comment sections on blogs?  Ugh...I was so annoyed with looked bad and you couldn't subscribe to get the comments {on other blogs} emailed to you anymore.  Then I realized that if you changed your comment settings, you could once again have the subscribe option and also you could reply directly to a comment which is fantastic!!  So now I love it.
For those that want to change their comment settings {and I really suggest you's much better}:
Go to Design
Over in the left column click on Settings
Then under that click Posts and Comments
Then to the right it will say Comment Location with a drop menu with some choices...choose Embedded
Be sure to save your settings!

My sweet little niece has been in the hospital since Monday evening.  It breaks my heart to see her in there.  She is so ridiculously cute in her little hospital gown though.  Keep her in your prayers!

All three of my boys are now sick.  {So sick, so sick of being tired of being sick.}   This makes for an exhausted mama.

Malacai turns four tomorrow.  Four!

Hoping the weekend brings health to all the sweet babes in our family...

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  1. thanks for the tip! love that you can reply on the new comment thinger.



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