Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Fashion :: Vintage Sweaters

Lincoln won't let me pick out his clothes for him anymore....except on Sundays.  That's the only day I can get him to let me.  Apparently, I pick out "pretty clothes".  He has about 3 shirts that he wants to wear.  Batman, batman, and big truck.  If I want him to branch out and wear something different, my strategy has been to tell him that Uncle Jojo would think that shirt is really cool - and it usually works for that day.  :)  So now you know if you see Lincoln in a picture, and he's wearing something other than batman or a big truck, the picture was probably taken on a Sunday!
Ah well - at least I still have two "dress-up dolls" left.  My days are numbered though...

On Lincoln: button-up shirt - vintage, thrifted | sweater - vintage, thrifted | jeans - thrifted | converse: thrifted
On Malacai: button-up shirt - vintage, thrifted | sweater - vintage, thrifted | pants - hand-me-down | shoes: Target {Linc's from last year}
On Levi: onesie - thrifted | sweater: vintage Bluebird, thrifted | pants - ?? | shoes - thrifted

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{Happy stitches-out-day for me today  - woot woot!!}

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Love it!

My foot surgery has provided me with {a lot} more time on the internet than I normally spend.  I stumbled across this rad-ness and had to share it.
It's a printer!!  Cute, no?

Prints itty-bitty little slips of paper with info from your smart phone!

Amazingly clever!

{All images via BERG Cloud}  

They are soon to be available to order {not sure which countries}.  Read all about them and see a demo video on their site: BERG Cloud.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Circus Birthday Party

We celebrated Malacai's fourth birthday with my family in vintage circus style.  I thought a circus birthday party would be fun for Malacai because he loves animals and his favorite color is red.  My mom also has these amazing vintage animal candle holders that Malacai loves - and they were perfect for a circus theme.

Photos by Justin Michau Photography.  So thankful to my brother-in-law for taking the time to do this!!

Also - be sure to check out Cait's blog to see her coverage of the party fashion {you must see her ring master outfit!} as well as some of her snazzy photos of the party!

I made ticket-style invites and put them in red envelopes {from Michaels}.  

Mike and I hung red & white streamers to look like a bigtop circus tent.  So thankful to my love for all his hard work helping me with the party!

Cait was a big help in providing props for the party.  Vintage bubblegum mugs, vintage carnival straws, gumball machines, a wooden horse, musical carousel and so much more - thanks Caitie-did!
The super cute vintage animal candle holders that my mom provided.

I made the cake bunting with fabric from JoAnn's.

I saw this of idea of making tiny party hats for the animals on Oh Happy Day and I just love it.  These animals are from Michaels.

White chocolate covered oreos with pretty sprinkles and a vintage clown I found at the thrift store.  Pompom garland made by my high school bestie, Sarah.  It was perfect for this party!

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies - so good!

Cotton candy lemonade...take a glass of lemonade and add in a piece of cotton candy!  Vintage elephant glass was a gift from Cait a few years ago.

I love old-school style tin toys and our local toy shop has a nice selection of them.  I had to splurge and buy this elephant!

I thrifted this vintage clown tray a few years ago...the hamburger and hotdog plates are from Michaels.

I asked my aunt to bring veggies and she showed up with this most amazing clown veggie dip!  How cute is that?!

My mom & aunt made the orange fruit cups and I think they are going to be showing up at many future parties - I love them!
The stamped party cups were another idea that I got from Oh Happy Day.  I used a potato stamp and red acrylic paint {what I had on hand} to do mine.  Do you write names on cups at parties?  My family always does this.

Ring Master mustaches...chocolate style.  {Got the mustache mold off of Amazon last year}

Homemade soft pretzels with jalapeño cheese dip and homemade caramel corn.  {I'll share these recipes soon!}  The popcorn bags were from Michaels.

The red & white tablecloth was hand painted by Mike.  I came up with the idea to paint a tablecloth to look like the stripes on the bigtop circus tents and Mike whipped this up one evening - isn't he the best?!  More yummy homemade oreos and golden graham s'more bars.

I wanted to do a few games but only got around to getting one ready {well, Mike got it ready}.  He glued magnets on the rubber ducks and the boys got to "fish" for ducks!

And one of my favorites of a party...the photobooth!

Lincoln was absolutely amazing in the photo booth.  He couldn't get enough of taking pictures of himself!  The series below makes me laugh so much!  I love that kid.

Such a fun day celebrating!  Thanks to my family for all the wonderful food & help in pulling this off!  Happiest fourth birthday to my sweet Malacai Mitchell!

Friday, March 23, 2012

For Your Easter Basket

Need a little something to add to your Easter basket?  How about one of these sweet little wooden teethers from The Red Bird Shop?  Your little one will thank you.  And so will your dentist {or maybe not...}.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome Spring?

Yesterday, we welcomed in the first day of spring in summer-style...with homemade popsicles.  I can't really believe that I'm posting this in March.  Or that I felt inspired {and hot enough} to make popsicles in March.  I'll take it though - it's beautiful!  

I bought a few cute popsicle molds last year and I want to get good use out of them this year.  Yesterday I made just a simple batch - vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries.  {I'm eager to have use of my foot back so I can be baking - and popsicle-making - again!}
Dare I admit that my boys have a popsicle almost every single night?  I'm not even sure how that started, but year round, a popsicle is their bed-time snack.  So I guess my goal is to start making some so that at least they're getting some good things in their snack - like fruit or yogurt.  If I find any good recipes, I'll be sure to share.  If anyone has any they'd like to share, I'd love to try them out!    

Looking forward to more of this popsicle-eating weather!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This has been my view for the last 5 days.  Recovery from my foot surgery last Thursday has been a little more intense than originally thought.  The surgery went great and my foot feels long as I don't walk more than 10 steps.  Or go up any stairs.  Or chase little boys around.  Going into this surgery, I thought that I'd be resting & recovering over the weekend and come Monday, be back at it.  Not quite as active, but functioning.  {This is about how my surgery went last year when I had the spot of skin cancer a couple days, no exercising or heavy duty things for about 2 weeks, then stitches out and I'm good}.  Turns out my foot is a little more intense. Maybe because my cyst was connected to a joint or ligament or some little thingamabob.  I can't do anything!  For TWO WEEKS!!!  I can't drive.  Right now, walking more than a few steps makes my foot start hurting something fierce.  I can't take care of my own children.
I have to admit, a few weeks ago, reading that on someone's blog, I would have thought, lucky her -  a two week break from it all!  And I had soo been looking forward to that 4 days off over this past weekend.  I had borrowed a stack of books & DVDs from the library.  We had child care plans in place for the weekend.  But finding out that I'd be sitting on my tush for so long kind of took away all that rest & relaxation vibe.  I've been worrying, fretting and feeling extremely guilty over it the last few days.  Wondering how we're going to get by.  Feeling so guilty that Mike has to do it all.  {Guilt that I put on myself - he just shrugs it off and says what can you do?  Oh that I could share that mindset!}.  And quite honestly, feeling a little depressed and sorry for myself.  What is the point of getting out of bed in the morning so that I can just sit there?!
So.  That is where I'm at.
I know that things will get better.  This is just temporary.  I need to focus on the things I can do...and pray that I'll heal quickly - and maybe can start hobbling around by myself by the end of the week so Mike can catch a break. And be grateful that I married the most amazing man that can confidently handle running the house while I'm out of commission.    

Friday, March 16, 2012


Some images from my day yesterday.  Finally had the cyst removed from my foot.  My foot's actually been feeling pretty good - not too much pain.  Now it's trying to figure out how to do anything while having to hobble around.  
Hospital bracelets

One of the worst parts - IV.  Now I have a lump & bruise on my hand.  

Should a person this klutzy be trusted to hobble around on crutches....probably not the safest idea.  

This was waiting for me when I walked in the kitchen.  Too cute.  
{Notice the dead flower that Malacai wanted to pick for me!}

My super stylish boot!

So thankful that I haven't been in too much pain.  And for my wonderful family for helping out.  For our Caitie-did for spending the night and taking care of the boys in the morning.  For my sister-in-law and niece for watching the boys all day.  That Cait & Tori had the boys over for dinner & a sleep-over.  For my mama, daddy, sisterbrother-in-law & the cutest little niecey-noo bringing me dinner and entertaining me.  For my in-laws coming to spend a couple days with us to help with the boys. And especially for my Michael - for everything.  I'm blessed by my family.        

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Style: Vintage Zip & Dash Dress

Another one of my vintage house dresses. I found a few that zipper up the front and the tag on them says Zip & Dash - love it!   Also love this warm weather we're having - I didn't need to wear tights! {Sorry for the pale, pale legs, but get used to 'em!}.  This purse is a recent thrift find and I love it.  It's actually my first every-day purse that I've thrifted, I've never found one that was quite big enough that I thought was cute.  The day after I got this I was volunteering in Lincoln's class and when I walked in, the kids were over having circle time and they turned to wave at me and Linc waved and said hi, then whispered loudly, "Mom, did you get a new purse?".  Haa - that kid.  He notices every little detail!
I also found some cute, little rugged woodsmen while out taking pictures.  They took a quick break from their hard work of throwing sticks & stones in the creek to take a picture with me.

Dress - vintage, thrifted
Sweater - thrifted
Boots - vintage, gift from Cait
Belt & Tank - Target
Headband - made by me!
Owl Earrings - vintage, gift from my mama
Necklace - vintage, gift from Cait
Purse - vintage, thrifted

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