Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day...

I'd like to redefine the way our society views Valentine's Day.  Not a day for lovers but a day for love.  Not about loving couples but about loving people.  My heart always feels sad when people are hating on Valentine's Day because they are single and hate the's not about having a sweet date - it's about showing someone that they are loved!  You are loved!  And there's someone in your life you can show love to - your spouse, your children, your parents, your co-workers, the lady sitting next to you on the bus.  Do something sweet & simple for someone and you'll feel the love on V-Day - single or taken!

This is something I learned from my mom.  I can remember getting little trinkets from her on Valentine's day, nothing big or expensive, just something that said I'm thinking about you & I love you.  I try to love on my family in the same way.  I was talking to baby sis the other night about this and she agreed with my thoughts on V-day and challenged me to see how long I could keep the boys thinking that V-day was just a love day and not know that most associated it with romantic love.  I think I'll go for it.

{I am not saying we can't also celebrate romantic love on V-day...please do that too - I do!  I just think it needs to be about more than just that.}

Here's some little glimpses from my phone of our day of love.  I didn't get to do as much as I had wanted to do - Mike, Levi & I are all sick.  I'm such a lover of hearts, red & pink so I try to go all out for V-day but that was just not happening this year.

I woke up to this mug & hand made Valentine's from the boys on my kitchen counter!

Our little garland of love...made by baby sis!

A table of love for six


The cutest little valentine that Linc made in school!

The BEST sugar cookies!!  {Recipe to come soon!}

Little gifts for the kiddos

And Mike & I got to stay up late making this 100 Days of School shirt for Linc - 
glueing gum balls on a tee shirt - ou la la!!

Also - seeing this and this yesterday made me so, so happy!  Happiest wishes to my high school go-around-pal, Sarah and her husband Eric!!  Eeps - the happiness of that!!

Hope that you were able to share the love with someone yesterday!  xoxo


  1. Mandy!

    I couldn't agree more! Valentine's Day is about celebrating love, all kinds. My mom made it special too, I've always loved it.

    Eric and I took the celebrating VERY seriously this year! We couldn't be happier. Thanks for the little shout out.

    Love YOU!


  2. i'm one of the kiddos? yes!
    and how did the gumball t-shirt go? did linc say that everybody loved him?



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