Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten on Ten :: February

One photo.  Every hour.  For ten hours.  On the tenth.

Lincoln's class Valentines were due today and I didn't remember until last night, so we were doing this at 7am.    

Ready.  Set.  Go.  

Three little boys means we play with a lot of trucks.  This is one of my favs.    

Grimm Farms Honey...the best!

We love Rody.  

Malacai told me he was cold and needed hot chocolate...

A little taste of nice.  Berries & yogurt for lunch.  

Filling up the tea {this is the only tea I drink!}

This kid came home with a crown on - and told me he could tell us what to do because he was the king and his teacher said so...mmhmm.  

Road trip - headed out to see Nana & Papa.
{One overnight and our van is packed cannot travel lightly with kids!}

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  1. That truck is GREAT! Kelly

  2. Those are adorable valentines. Such a cute idea :)

  3. That truck is awesome!
    Great photos.
    Of course a crown means you're in charge, right? I need to find a crown...

  4. love those valentine's - what a cute idea! and yumm, that fruit in the little piece of pyrex is pretty inviting! great set :)

  5. love that vintage truck! Great set

  6. i will take some of those berries.
    and king lincoln. haha. so cute.

  7. What a cute set! I love that old truck!

  8. Your photos are amazing! This may sound weird, but I love your wood floor (captured in the truck photo). Great set!



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