Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Super Invite

Every year I host a Super Bowl Party - so that my sister & I can go crazy with appetizers & desserts - our favs.  These are the invitations I made this year.  It was so fun & easy...especially because we have an unlimited supply of brown eggs - thanks little ladies in the back yard!, Mike, blew out the eggs {french toast!}.  Then he hand painted the lines on the eggs.  I typed up an invite and we rolled it up and inserted it into a hole in the bottom of the egg.  Then we placed it in a little box with some tissue paper and delivered them to our guests.  This idea was inspired by this.
Wouldn't this be so cute for an Easter party?  I may have to throw one just to do these invites again!


  1. so cool! Aunt Christine

  2. That is an awesome idea! So creative...

    I love that Mike helps you in your crafty endeavors! Dave just rolls his eyes at me. LOL.


  3. This.! Dunno what I'd use it for but oh dear, it rocks.


  4. best superbowl invites. everrr.

  5. cute! can you show where you put the little scroll in? this would be a very cute gender reveal idea!



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