Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Levi's Vintage Style: Train Sweater

Vintage sweaters that zip up the back and have pointed hoods are one of my favs.  Levi got this vintage sweater from Cait for Christmas and I just love it.  The boys love it because there are trains on it.  {Are there any little boys that aren't obsessed with trains?}  I love the little xo's on the hood too {although I think it's supposed to be some kind of train crossing symbol or something train related...}.

I can't believe that Levi will be two in three months.  How is my baby so old?  He's such a happy little guy - always smiling and saying hi to everyone when we're out & about.  He's trouble though too - I don't know if it's having older brothers or just his style, but he definitely keeps me running.  He loves to climb and throw.  My favorite thing he's doing now is when you ask him where something is, he'll look around then put his arms out, shrug his shoulders and say, "I don't see it" {in a high pitched voice}.  He's also always saying, "it hurts" and pointing to some spot on his body.  Or pulling his hair and saying, "it hurts".    Oh little boy - you so have my heart!        

Sweater: vintage - gift from Cait |  Pants: thrifted | Converse: vintage - gift from Cait

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  1. he looks like such a chunk in that first picture!
    i don't want him to grow out of that sweater ever!

  2. The hood, his expressions. I could eat it all up!

  3. oh, i love the sweater! and i love the background too ;) great shots.

  4. He is adorable and, as always, I love his outfit!

    Oh, these toddler years and so precious and so exhausting. I love that they're little personalities really come out!



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