Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why hello two thousand and twelve.

I'm not very big on making New Year's Resolutions.  I am a list person so it's kind of surprising that I don't get into it.  This year I've decided to write down a few goals though and see how I do with them.  Maybe writing these down on my blog will help motivate me to accomplish these goals.

1. Take more time for me.
Not in a take a daily trip to the day spa kind of way, but the you feel like throwing up the majority of the time and have bad abdominal pains and need to figure out why kind of way.  I have some appointments that I need to make for myself, but I keep putting them off.  I think that this is something a lot of parents struggle with.   It's so easy to get distracted by all of our kids' needs, that we neglect to take care of ourselves.  A lot of it for me is having to add one more thing to my schedule.  I'll have to try to find child care and work out a time that doesn't interfere with anyone else's schedule.  It just seems like so much work...I'll just put it off another week.  But not this year!
This category also needs to include my exercising & weight loss - even though it's so cliche and puts me in the oh-so-old age group to have weight loss as one of my goals.  But it needs to be done.  I need to make a time to exercise and make it part of my routine.

2. Update/finish rooms around the house.
For the first few years of our marriage, I didn't do a lot of redecorating because Mike & I had talked about moving in the somewhat near future.  {He wants land & remoteness....I want to get off this busy road}.  It seemed kind of pointless to put too much into a house we would be selling.  Then we started looking for houses, and looking and looking.  There wasn't too much that appealed to us without having to move far, far away.  Will we ever move...who knows?  In the mean time, I'd like to spruce things up a bit around here.  Or to be honest, I'd like Mike to spruce things up around here.  I'm just ready to give lots of direction and moral support.

3. Be more open on my blog.
This is the goal I think I'm least likely to accomplish.  First off - I have a hard time finding a good balance with blogging in my life.  I either feel like I'm spending too much time doing it or I pretty much just ignore it.  Secondly, the idea of being open, of sharing more of myself, scares me.  I've never kept a journal because I hated the idea of someone being able to read my private thoughts & feelings.  But I absolutely love reading the personal stories others share.  They are so inspiring, helpful and just make ya feel good.  And what if by my sharing I'm able to offer a little bit of that hope, helpfulness and feel-goodness to someone else?  We shall see...

4. Write down Levi's {and Lincoln's} birth story.
Um, yea, this should have been done like 5 years ago for Lincoln!!  Levi's is actually half done.  I must have been on a good blogging roll when Malacai was a wee one.  And seeing how this is the only place I keep track of the milestones in the boys' lives - it needs to be documented...before I don't remember any of it!

5. Finish my mom's Mother's Day gift.
Um, oops.  Sorry mom - this is horrible that it's on my list.  I just remembered again that it's still not done when I was going through pictures the other day.  :(

6. Spiritual Progress
I wasn't really sure how to label this goal.  I have a couple things for this category.
First, is to continue doing daily devotions.  The last four months or so, I've gotten into a good routine that includes time for Bible reading, a short devotional, and prayer.  It's not very long - but it's made such a huge difference.  I want to keep this going - and maybe make more time for myself?  {Eeps - that would mean waking up earlier!!}
Another thing to work on is patience.  With the boys.  I can sometimes feel so frustrated with one of them {or all of them} and then I talk "mean".  And oh how I sometimes hate this deadly poisonous tongue of mine!  My worst time seems to be in trying to get out the door...oh the frustration of trying to get little kids ready & out of the house.

So there we go.  Six goals.  Easy-peasy, right?  We shall see what the year brings!

And apparently I need to add learn how to drink to my goals this year as I just spilled pop all over myself whilst writing this post.  Or maybe, for the love of my new computer, just say no to drinking & typing?

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  1. i liked this post. i can relate to a lot of it. #2 especially - i want to move and think about "my dream house" or more land, bigger dining room, more bedrooms, etc... etc... and then i had some recent realizations about timing and think that we'll be in our house for a "bit" still. thus, RE-DOing the dining room. started a pin board on it last night. i'm a HUGE procrastinator w/ house stuff b/c i like to go from start to finish and can get inpatient w/ slow progress, hold ups and things not turning out like i'd hoped. anyways - here's to us w/ our home decorating :o)

    your #3 resonates w/ me too. i don't like being too personal on the blog either. i feel like i only let my readers in a tad :o)

    well thanks for sharing your goals! good luck!!!

  2. Mand! I love this.

    Remember live journal? We were open there. Sometimes I wish I hadn't deleted mine.

    I'd love to see your organization process as you party plan. Can you share that on your blog??

    Miss you, friend.

  3. Sar - I had forgotten about LJ! You're right...we were pretty open on that. I think I deleted mine too...probably because I thought I was too open! Ha!

    I think I could write up a post on party planning...I've never really thought of the "process" of it before. I like the idea!!

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