Monday, January 23, 2012

Penny Thoughts

You know how when you're hanging out with friends, you're doing just that, hanging out.  You're not busy getting things done on your to-do list.  You're not working or cleaning.  Just hanging out.  I've realized that this is what is causing me to feel like I'm not getting things done.  Michael is my friend.  My bestest friend.  And we're always just hanging out!  When he's not here for the evening, I get so much more done.  And when I'm gone for the evening, he gets so much more done!  {And I say evening because our daytime hours are spent either at work or chasing little boys around}.  Eeps!  Oh well...I choose hanging out with him over a crossed off to-do list any day!

Totally random, from out of nowhere question.  If you were changing your clothes and someone walked in, would you rather they catch you changing your shirt or changing your pants?  I'd rather be caught pant-less.  I do not like what pregnancy did to my stomach.  So worth it.  But so not fond of it.  

Tonight while I was getting Malacai a bed time snack, he tooted {I didn't hear it, but I sure smelled it!}, and then he said, "Mom, did I toot for a reason?"  Haaa!!!  This kid says the funniest things!

Cait gave me this vintage necklace for Christmas and I am so loving it {obviously not a vintage picture...although it did have one in it originally}!  I wear it everyday.

Today I did good with my New Year's Goals - I called and made a doctor's appointment for myself and I got on my exercise bike!  And I did an ab workout with Michael {the couple that crunches together, stays together}.  Goooo Manda!  {Like how I'm my own personal cheerleader ;)}

How was your first day of this work week?


  1. Good for you! I seem to do better getting home things done when my BFF isn't home, too.

    Today I made some Hotsy-Coldsy bags and some pocket warmers and a superty gorgeous red wool cape for a photographer who is doing a Little Red Riding Hood shoot. And now all of my people want a hooded cape instead of a coat.

  2. it would depend more on what type of undies i was wearing. haha.

    hahaha. malacai is such a little whacko!

    and what a mighty fine necklace!

  3. Pamela - I want a hooded cape too!! :)



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