Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Man Winter...

has finally made an appearance.  And it's brutal.

Beautiful...but brutal.  I had foolishly been hoping that maybe we could just go a season without the bitter cold. The blowing snow.  It's been bliss this winter without a winter.  No icy roads.  No scraping windshields.  No looking for lost mittens while trying to run out the door.

So today has been spent snuggled indoors.  Wearing cuddle duds.  Making the most of this snow day.  {Not a snow day as in no school - this is Western New York after all  - it'd take a couple feet of snow to cancel school here}.

Remembering the good about these cold, snowy days.  Like sipping hot coffee under cozy blankets.  Enjoying that the snow mutes the sounds of the world {like traffic zooming by}.  Lincoln's excitement over snow drifts in the backyard.    

Getting a chance to just stay in and rest and recuperate.  {This little guy has yet another cold.  Our nights have been as brutal as the freezing wind.  I think poor Mike spent more time awake than asleep last night. And we seem to be going through boxes of tissues like they're going out of style.}

And getting to end the day with a popcorn and hot chocolate party.  {Lincoln wanted to call it a party}.  And snuggled up with my love watching a movie.

Welcome back old man winter...

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  1. I am praying we don't get the snow! I know that sounds so bad but I don't like driving in it and their is just something about snow that throws the entire DC area into a panic....well maybe I won't mind one snow day so Judah can really enjoy it.

    Love your blanket! Is that thrifted?
    Sorry your little feller isn't feeling well, I hope the popcorn/hotchocolate made him feel better

  2. We've all been sick here too! : ( I feel like I'm keeping the tissue and childrens tylenol co's in business singlehandedly! Hope you all are on the mend soon. The ongoing illness thing is just so lame. (As Aaron would say!)

  3. hot chocolate + popcorn = party

  4. hi manda! hot chocolate is a MUST on our finally snowy days! hope you're all feeling better.



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