Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My new fashion statement...

One of my pet peeves is not being able to breathe out of my nose....especially while sleeping.  Right now I have a cold.  And a stuffy nose.  Which means I am not a happy camper when it's bed time.  I'd seen those silly commercials for the super attractive nasal strips you could wear that would help open up your nose and be able to breathe better.  I decided that no matter how silly you looked, if they would let me breathe out of my nose, it'd be worth it.  So I got some {mine are just a generic brand}.  I don't notice a huge difference - but I think it might make a little difference.  And for that, I'll use 'em!  

Here's a photo of me sporting my I-have-cold look.  Mike always has some smart comments to make about my fashion statement.  Breathing through my nose is so worth the dorkiness!!

What about you have any tips or tricks {or oddities} that you use while sick?  

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  1. for really bad headaches i drink pepsi and it really helps me.

    for colds i'm all about the power of a hot shower.

  2. you're rockin' it!

    going for a run outside always helps me be able to breathe when i'm sick.

  3. v - that is so interesting about the pepsi - do you think it's the caffeine in it or is it something specifically related to pepsi??

    cait - i was waiting for you to write about your oddity - walking around with tissues up your nose!! a personal fav!

  4. headaches - i'm with v. caffeine. pepsi. mt. dew... whatev.

  5. Aw, hope you feel better! You look cute with that little nose strip nonetheless! :)

  6. on a side note your hair looks fantastic!

  7. sometimes if i'm really stuffed up, i run up the stairs and back down. crazy, i know, but sometimes it clears me up!

    i'm with everyone on the pepsi thing with headaches (coke does it for me too).

    breathe-right strips, gotta love em! especially when i peel them off in the morning and they leave this horrible mark across my nose!



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