Thursday, January 12, 2012

Levi's Vintage Style: Yellow Car Onesie

Yesterday was so nice here in WNY that we were out frolicking in fields with onesies on!  Not really...although we did have a superb January day yesterday.  I was going through pictures recently and realized I had never posted these gems - they were taken back in August.
I believe this super cute Healthtex onesie was a gift from Cait.  Vintage Healthtex is one of my favs - especially with little boys.  They seem to be the brand I can find the most of for the boys.  And I love that this onesie has a turtleneck on it - so great!
I don't remember where I picked up this baby buggy - I know I had been wanting one for a long time and was excited to finally get one.  Mike - not so much.  He's complained about it taking up space in the garage since the day we brought it home.  And I really can't use it out here in the country.  If I lived where we had sidewalks - I'd definitely be strolling around town with it.  So, I finally caved and actually have it on Craigslist right now.  It's a steal.  {Any takers?  :)}

Onesie: vintage, gift from Cait  |  Buggy: vintage, ??  |  Quilt: vintage, thrifted |  Chair: from Gramma

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  1. I wish the weather was nice enough to hang out in onesies! What cool and cute pictures! That buggy is soo awesome! I'm glad you posted the pics!

  2. oh my gosh, that onesie is SO CUTE! LOVE the buggy too!

  3. so precious! and I am jealous of your warm weather photo shoot!

  4. love the buggy! and the onsie is amazing! great pics!

  5. doh! more buggy pics! adorable!

  6. why does he have to grow up? he should have stayed a tiny babe forever.
    also, i can't believe you're selling it!

  7. saaaavvvvveeee the buggy for mmeeeeee!!!

  8. I think that may have been the stroller my parents pushed me around in when i was a baby. ;)

    Sweet, sweet pictures!

  9. I would so buy that buggie from you if you lived closer! My goodness its beautiful!!! And I love the chair and blanket :-)

    and your little guy is super adorable



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