Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grand Opening!!

I am so excited to announce the grand opening of our new shop!!!  Well, it's Mike's shop - but he makes me do all the "business-y" stuff, so I get to claim ownership too.  I do give some creative input too.  ;)
My husband is so very talented - he can pretty much do anything.  I've been bugging him for a while to start making things & selling them and the day is finally here.
We plan to keep adding new things as much as time allows.  Right now, we've got all-natural, wooden teethers and rattles.  A super sweet bird mobile.  And paintings!  

The name of the shop is in honor of my Gramps - who was an amazing artist.  He sold watercolor paintings and his trademark was a little red cardinal in every painting.  The red bird in our logo is the cardinal from the painting he did of our house.  I used to always joke with Mike that he was Gramps' BFF - my Grampa loved talking with Mike and was always impressed by everything he did.  I think he would be honored that there's a little piece of his artwork in Mike's shop.    

So please go check out the shop and if you're an Etsy user - we'd love it if you'd favorite our shop and join our circle!  And if you want to give a shout out on your blog or FB page about our shop - we'd love ya to pieces for doing that!!    

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  1. AMAZING!!! i'm going to pay this little shop a visit in search of some special little babies i know!!

  2. probably the most talented guy in the world.

  3. added to my favorites. done and done.

  4. such great stuff!! we need to open a family store and put all our stuff in it!

  5. eep - victoria that would be amazing!! we could run it like a co-op and all take turns working shifts there!! let's do it!



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