Monday, December 19, 2011

In case you were wondering...

what it's like to live in my house, here's a two minute glimpse.  {And those with little boys in their house will just smile and say, ah yes, and agree with me that this actually is a bit more on the mild side for the exuberance little boys can have for life}

{shot with my iphone}

{My favorite part: when Cai is up in the camera and says "I don't know what's happening".  Haa!!  I'm thinking that all the time buddy!}

Also, confession: I sometimes have to hide that little vintage popper toy.  So cute - but so LOUD & ANNOYING.  Right now, it's tucked away in the corner of my room.  :)

{how about a little vote lovin'? two clicks}


  1. Oh, the noise. And the running.
    I know about this.

  2. oh my freaking goodness. i died laughing when malacai said that. hahah!

  3. I can't wait to be with those boys in just a few days! Boys, Aunt Gingy is coming!!!!

  4. so funny! i too have hid that popper toy. drives me nuts.



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