Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Review


Baking, baking and more baking.  It seems my love for baking has turned somewhat into obsession.
My big sister told me that I needed to start posting about some of the yummy food I was making....and so I did.  {And now you know a secret...if my big sister tells me to do something, I do it}  Things like this Mocha Fudge Cake.

And one of my most requested, Red Velvet Cupcakes.

We went through a horrible teething stage with Levi - he was up every night, 3 or 4 times a night, for 45 minutes or more.  It lasted for about 3 months or so.  


We took a trip down to Beaver Falls {& Pittsburgh}, to visit baby sis & her husband.  During Superbowl Weekend.  

Some of the amazing Superfood we had.  

Getting crafty & silly on Valentine's Day.  One of my favorite pictures of Lincoln!!

{Pictures by Andrew} My aunt hosted her annual Valentine's Day/Sledding Party - Linc absolutely loves sledding...can you tell?  

I opened Mooies, a children's vintage clothing shop on Etsy!


We threw a Pinwheel & Pennant Birthday Party for Malacai's third birthday.  One of my favorites.  


Our venture into farm life started...we got chickens!! {Well, my mom got us chickens...}


My Mother's Day was divine {minus a little bit of sickness}...the day started out with Strawberry Stuffed french toast served in bed!

Levi turned one!  We celebrated in Nautical style.  My most popular post of the year.  

{Photo stolen from here}  My sweet baby niece had heart surgery...and is doing better than ever now!


We celebrated my mama's birthday - riding double and with a strawberry lemon cake {which I never blogged about...eeps!}

{  And we are dorks because we staged this picture!} I participated in my first ever 5K with my mama and my cousin Jessica.    

Lincoln turned 5...and we celebrated camp-out style.  

My baby sister & her husband moved to hard to be so far away from them, but we know they are enjoying their time out there.  Haa...this picture!  Do I look stoned?  I was.  This was coming off a kidney stone attack {and ruined plans for a surprise birthday party for myself!}.  

My baby boy was in his first ever school play {The Three Little Pigs} and he graduated from preschool!


A fun little backyard vintage picnic {that I was late posting on...but it happened in July}

Family vacation to the Adirondacks....where we caught a mountain man bathing in a waterfall!  Haa {just kidding for those that don't recognize my baby brother}.  


An amazing surprise 30th birthday party my family threw for me, which included a backyard drive-in!! {The party was in July, but I turned 30 in August, so...}

A little Milk & Cookies get together that I never blogged about!  Such a fun night with Marla, Rachel & Victoria.

My Grampa passed away on August 31st.  {This is one of my favorite pictures - it's a polaroid my mom has had on her fridge for quite some time}


My little Lincoln James started kindergarten!!  And we threw a back to school feast.

I participated in Fall Fashion Week and ended the week at my cousin's wedding  - doing a sibling/niece photo shoot!


We started the month out on a fall weekend get away in Saratoga and then spent the month enjoying my favorite time of year!

My niece, Fabienne, turned 1!  I made some desserts for her woodland themed party.

Family o' lumberjacks for Halloween!


Took lots of family photos for the calendars we make for the grandparents.  {Our five and Mike's brother's five}.

We had lots of Thanksgiving day fun...and two hungry boys.


Lots of Christmas-time fun throughout the month.  {The boys all had reindeer sweaters for Christmas Eve - and so did Uncle Craigie!}

Thanks for sharing the year with me - looking forward to 2012!

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  1. ..LOVE linc's face in the sledding pic.
    ..look how cute your little chickens were... the bathing mountain man!
    ..i want to watch 7 brides outside again!
    ..great pic with all the cousins, so cute! the face little fabs is giving the camera. those sweater boys.

  2. i feel like all the boys were SO chubby!
    and craig does look like a serious mountain man.
    and i never even got to look through the family pictures!



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