Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mike Made It: Owl Rocks

Aren't these little painted owl rocks so cute?! My sister had them pinned as an idea for Fab's birthday party and when Mike saw them he said, I can do that. And so he did. Such a fun, crafty project to do! Relatively easy too if you're good with a paint brush like my man is. {Best uncle ever, right Fabs?!}

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  1. oh, this makes me wish we still did gift exchange and that lincoln had colden's name and that mike "helped" lincoln paint story rocks for colden's gift. haha, i have them tagged on pinterest and this totally motivates me to do it!! so cute. go mike!

  2. These are awesome!! What a great gift. I would love to do something like that for a gift for some of my younger cousins for Christmas!



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