Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little Vintage Style: Boys in Stripes

{Sorry for the quietness around these parts - busy, busy and trying to keep my priorities straight...sometimes blogging can consume me - I have no self-control!!}

These are the shirts the boys wore on Thanksgiving. I actually didn't get a picture of just the three of them then, so I made them all put the shirts on this morning and did a quick photo shoot before the bus came! {The boys were less than thrilled with this - but a little candy bribery goes a long way}. ;)

Linc wanted me to take a picture of just the shoes - haa! Can you tell he has some fashion bloggers/photographers in his family?

On all three boys - shirts: vintage, thrifted | jeans: thrifted | converse: thrifted

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  1. i just posted at like the same second you did!

    i love mal's hand on his hip.
    and the shot from down low... levi looks fake and mal's double chin is hilarious. haha.
    cute babes.

  2. So cute, and even more adorable that your little guy made you take a shoe shot!

  3. I love their matching but not matching outfits! But I especially love the blue shoes!

  4. ahh, those boys. love all their indi shots...cai's pose...haaa!

  5. greatest ever!!!

  6. your guys look adorable. I love their coordinated outfits.

  7. Cute!!! Love the shoe shots too. Maybe even more than the shirts. :-)



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