Monday, November 7, 2011

Is it November?

We're getting blessed with some amazing November weather here. Yesterday was just so lovely, warmth and sunshine and fall leaves. We drove into the city and picked up big brother and headed out for some fun. These three little boys adore their big brother. And this morning while waiting for the bus with Lincoln, I was ready to put up a for sale sign and head out to SB with my lil' sis. Not because the weather was bad, but because it was so nice. I thought, hey I could handle no-freezing-while-waiting-for-the-bus {I'm so jeal Leeko}. We're enjoying it while we can - for sure this won't last much longer!!

We also shot some fun photos...I love this idea!! {You'll probably be seeing a lot more chalk-it-up pictures from me! Go try it - it's so fun & silly!}

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  1. Love those chalk photos. And I agree on the weather. The doom of winter is predicted any day now.

  2. oooooh, love the chalk fun! gonna try that soon!

  3. i've been looking for that red hoodie for so long! zac!!!! ugh.

    i love that weebs plays along for the pictures. and that mal & weebs look the same size in the last picture. haha.



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