Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Vintage Picnic

I've been wanting an enamel table for a long time. And then I won this beauty at an auction this summer!

I was so excited! It's at our cottage now - but we had it sitting at our house for a couple of weeks before we took it down to the cottage. So what's a girl to do other than throw a vintage-style picnic on her pretty vintage table?

I also got the cute vintage picnic plates at the auction too.

The boys loved these vintage ketchup & mustard dispensers. I can't remember where they are from. I have a thing for old glass pitchers. This one is my fav. {Thrifted at Salva's}

Aren't these napkins the best? Cait gave them to me.

For those wondering why we have a table set for only four - yes, we did gate up Levi. Don't worry - we slid him food through the holes. {Um, just kidding for anyone thinking they might need to comment on our horrible parenting. He ate - in his highchair - before we did}.

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  1. So cute! We used to have that very same gate for my little dog. :)

  2. Teehee...I do sometimes call Levi my little puppy...

  3. That is adorable! haha I had to laugh at Levi...we totally do the same thing. :) Looks like everyone had fun!

  4. That is the most AMAZING picnic (and table) ever! I love it!

  5. super sweet table. i would love one like that some day too...for my farm house...the back screened in porch area :) or maybe the side porch. my dream house has a lot of porches.

  6. in love with the table and all of the cute dishes!

  7. yes! the sweet napkins!!
    i wish i had got some of those deviled eggs!

  8. I just got a table just like yours. I was hoping maybe you would send me some pics of the underneath of it. Mine needs a little work, there seems to be something missing for the slide out to work. I we be so greatfull if could. cann36@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Cheryl - unfortunately we no longer have this table, we sold it about a year ago. Sorry I can't help you out, hope you're able to find what you need to get your table working!



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