Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reason #582

That I'm glad I live in the country with no neighbors close by: so they cannot see me standing on a chair {in the rain!} outside my bathroom window, coaching my toddler on how to unlock the bathroom door.

{This picture was taken right after he got the door unlocked}

Oh this boy....I went out to stand with Lincoln to wait for the bus this morning. When I came back in the house, Malacai was screaming & sobbing in the bathroom. I tried to open the door, only to find I was locked out. After about 10 minutes of trying to talk him through it standing outside the door, a phone call to Michael who left work to head home to help, I got Cai to open the shade on the window. I then grabbed a chair and went and stood outside the window and got him to crank that open {today I am thankful we have windows older than me - that can crank open}. From there, I was able to talk him through unlocking the door. He met me at the back door as I was coming in with a nonchalant, "hey mom - I got out." Yea...great job. Iye, iye, iye.

Also, while we're talking about Malacai; this morning he told me, "I'm too tall and too old to sleep in my room. I need to go sleep at Tori's house now." {Tori is my niece that babysits for us all the time}. What??!

Life will not be dull with this kid around.

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  1. heh. i did this at aj's house when i was a wee young lad too. no fun. i feel your pain cai.



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