Thursday, September 22, 2011

Levi's Vintage Style: Corduroy Suspender Pants

I love these sweet little corduroy pants. Unfortunately, they are just a bit too small for Levi. I had to roll the legs because they were too short - I think they look really cute as knickers though!
The apple crate was a birthday present from my baby sister - it was used as a prop at my fabulous party and then I got to keep it {I'm trying to get a collection of crates to use for storage in my mud room}! My trick for getting pictures of Levi is to sit him or stand him on something so that he can't get down and run around! He actually really liked sitting in this crate.

Laughing at his big brother {Cai}, who was running around the yard while I took pictures.

pants: vintage, thrifted | shirt: Buster Brown, vintage, thrifted | apple crate: gift from Lyndsay | tractor: vintage, garage sale find

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  1. LOVE that outfit! Too cute! They look adorable rolled up and with that striped shirt. That last picture is gorgeous!

  2. love the little overalls! And I can't tell you how many times I've woken up to a Lighning McQueen in my bed!!

  3. love the pants as knickers and the last photo of him is just gorgeous

  4. Wow, I have so much love for that outfit and your little guy is so sweet! Too bad you don't live closer to me--there is a place near my house that has a sign saying they have antique apple crates for sale!

  5. Those are the cutest little knickers! Love the crate too!

  6. love the picture of him sitting in the crate.
    sweetest little buggie.

  7. Sooooo cute! What a great find! The photoshoot is really cute too, great idea with the grate. (haha, I'm funny.)

  8. love the way you styled them!



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