Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school in our district, but it was a "meet the teacher" day for kindergartners {go with your parents}, so today was the real "official" first day for Lincoln. My baby got on the bus and is gone all day! Praying that he has a great day and meets lots of great new friends. Praying that I stop thinking horrible thoughts {what if he sits by himself at lunch? what if someone picks on him?} and making myself want to cry.

So happy to be riding the school bus! {Around the corner}. See that cute little girl peeking around the seat? Malacai was looking at these pictures with me and he said, "See that girl there? That's my friend. Her name is Luis." Haa! I have no idea where he came up with that name!! I laughed so hard.

Wait - bring me my baby back!!

I actually did really good and didn't cry. I almost did. And a little story about Linc's backpack. With everything that happened over the last couple weeks with my grandparents, I pretty much had life on hold and didn't do a bunch of things on my "to-do" list. Including ordering Linc's backpack. So he didn't have it for today {it's supposed to arrive sometime today though}. Not a huge deal, he can just use his preschool backpack. Except we couldn't find it anywhere! So the poor kid had to use my Jansport from highschool! Ugh...I feel terrible. He didn't care though. He just wanted to get on that bus!

{how about a vote for this cute kindergartner? two clicks}


  1. ok, the picture on the bus made me cry. aahhh, my little bean! i hope you got a picture of that jansport in action! [don't worry, i'm sure linc will sit with luis at lunch.] haaa, love it.

  2. You're such a brave mama! I love the new experiences that come with a new school but I'm with you, it's hard not to cry and miss them like crazy. I hope he has a wonderful day!

  3. sooo cute! he's such a big boy. SOO funny about Luis. he's too much! hope Linc did well today!

  4. that kind of looks like the same bus driver i had...

    love his face in the third picture.

    and i hope you make them do that same picture with the chalkboards all the way up to senior year. hahaha.

  5. Cait - yes that is my plan. Can you imagine how much they're going to love it when they're 15 & I'm telling them to pose!!!



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