Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fashion Week: Day 7

Today is the last day of fall fashion week. I've had so much fun doing this - and everyone has been so sweet with the comments they left. And I loved looking at everyone's style and being inspired. You girls are so beautiful!
Today we were at my cousin's wedding and the pictures were taken there. It was at a sweet little inn in Altamont NY. And as I type, I'm sitting in a parking lot in Saratoga Springs - quickly using the internet while we have it here.
My photo shoot from today includes my beautiful sister, Marla, who has also been doing fall fashion week, the cutest baby girl ever, my niece Fabienne, and even my handsome baby brother! So much fun getting to do pictures with them!

dress: vintage, thrifted | scarf: calista miakoda | necklace: vintage, thrifted | earrings: SEED | cardigan: gap, thrifted | shoes: target | clutch: vintage, estate sale

Fabienne's dress is from my shop, Mooies! {Told you she was the cutest baby girl ever!} For the rest of her outfit details and for Marla's - check it out here. {And I was going to tell you about Craig's outfit except he won't answer my text - dang toot it!}.

See other lovelies at:

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  1. You all look great! Love your style!! Your hair looks so effortless and beautiful :)

  2. So vintage!! You all look amazing! And that baby is the CUTEST!!! Love her smile!

  3. I love the print on your dress. And the scarf is so cool! You look gorgeous. Quite the handsome group at the photo shoot too. :)

  4. love the photo shoot of the siblings w/ Fabs :) I could have worn one of my aunt aseneth dresses...



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