Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion Week: Day 5

I must start out today's post wishing my favorite youngest brother-in-law a very happy birthday! And the boys wanted to give a little shout out to Uncle Andy too:

{Ahhh - these boys make me laugh everyday. Did you notice that Lincoln & Levi are holding each other's legs? And I love how Levi thought it was so silly that the older two were singing. Love these little men to pieces.}
We love you Andy! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! {And bake lots of yummy treats for you...}

I found this little granny-dress {that's what Mike calls it} a couple of weeks ago and thought it was too cute to pass up. Plus it was half off. Should have worn my sunnies for these pictures...squinty-eyes!

There was lots of creepiness on this wall. Snails, huge gross spiders {that didn't make the shot}. You can bet your bottom dollar there was a lot of distance between where I posed and where those creeps were hanging out.

dress: vintage, thrifted | belt: thrifted | tights: target | boots: target | earrings: from Cait | ring: can't remember

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  1. that is a cute dress...i think my favorite thing, though, is your hair. so curly and wonderful.

  2. Wow! This is a great fall outfit, I love the colors and your boots!

  3. Can I please copy that retro pic of you and your kids on the picnic blanket? I have one of my mom and me on a blanket very similar to that and I would love to frame the pics together! My mom would eat that up!
    I love today's outfit too!

  4. that's a beautiful vintage dress! i love the colors, and it looks great with those boots! :) I would have been making the same face if I saw an icky bug anywhere near me. haha

  5. no granny about it, that dress is sassy! I love it with the cute belt/boots. Your sons are adorable! what a precious family!

  6. that video is ridiculously cute! ah, i love those little bugs.
    and if dad thinks this is a granny dress, i can't imagine what he thinks of some of the ones at the shop haha.
    i love this!

  7. Awesome granny dress (although so not granny!), you rock it! And with the blue backdrop, makes for terrific photos!

    Maegan :)

  8. haaa! "i'll miss you"....apparently he hasn't missed him yet. love it. and if your ring goes missing... i tried & couldn't even find one in arizona! ugh.

  9. These are the things we love:
    -That Levi thinks it's funny
    -That the boys are holding each others legs
    -That Levi feels the need to say something, even though he can't speak the words being asked of him
    -That if you hadn't interrupted, the boys would have just kept singing "happy birthday to you" over and over and over again
    -That Mike is also in this video (I don't feel like he makes a regular appearance)
    -That they (like Mar said) say "i'll miss you"

    Andy says he loves it and wonders who the kid in the middle is...he's getting HUGE!

    Love you all! XOXO thanks for taking the time to make a video :)
    Love, Aunt Gingy and Uncle Andy



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