Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Fashion Week: Day 1

I've been reading Emery's blog for a while now. I love her passion for Jesus, her incredible style, and she's also got three handsome little boys! I've always enjoyed the Fall Fashion Week that she hosts and decided this year I should participate. So here we go!
{Disclaimer: I am not always wearing the outfit on the day it was posted. I like to take pictures when the boys are otherwise occupied, so if Mike & I happened to get some time alone, I had him take some photos.}
The weather is not feeling very fall-ish right now. It's been quite warm. This dress is another one of my great vintage thrift finds from over the summer. I think the colors in it are nice for fall. And it was almost a bit muggy when I took these yesterday, so my hair was out of control {plus I had shampooed it yesterday too. Yes, I do not shampoo my hair every day. Only once or twice a week. Curly, frizzy hair + shampoo = out of control}, thus the bun. {I think I look silly with my hair up since I don't wear it like that a lot}.

I love, love these shoes. I found them last month while out thrifting and they are so comfy and cute. I could wear them every day, all day. They do have that "teacher-walking-down-the-hall-sound" though. :)

I just got this ring last weekend at a garage sale. Mike calls it my coffee bean ring.

I can't figure out what animal my earrings are. Fox? Lynx? What do you think? And my favorite thing about this dress - it has a pocket!!

And, yes, I know - my legs are sooo white. That's all I could think while looking at these photos.

dress: vintage, thrifted | shoes: vintage, thrifted | earrings: gift from big seester | ring: garage sale find

Join in on the fashion week!


  1. Dresses with pockets are the best! They are so convenient! I really like your lacy headband!

  2. those shoes are amazing! they look great with that cute dress! :)

  3. I adore those shoes! So cute!

  4. Those sandals...what a great thrifting find! I also love that ring.

  5. loving all your vintage finds.
    and you look good with your hair up in a bun!

  6. Every detail of this ensemble is amazing! Those shoes! That dress! The headband!!

  7. yaaay! I totally love dresses with pockets; I think all dresses should have pockets. And I think your bun looks adorable.

    I have one pair of shoes that makes that "tick tick" sound walking down the hall and my students often comment on the sound. :D (I'm a teacher.)

  8. didn't even notice your legs 'til you pointed them out -- i'm impossibly pale too, and i say we own it. =)

    that dress is a great find, and i really like your hair up (even though you say you don't wear it often) and with that little lace headband.



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