Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School Dinner

I've always loved the Back to School Feasts that NieNie hosts for her family. It seems like such a fun tradition and gives the kids something to look forward to. I had been looking forward to starting that tradition but didn't think I'd do it this year due to having no time to think about it or plan for it. But then on Wednesday afternoon, I just felt inspired by a verse and a theme and thought, we should do this. So I used what we had around the house, told Michael to stop for some sparkling juice & ice cream on the way home from work, sent the daughter a text to come over for dinner and went for it.

Our theme for this school year. Good for the little man starting out on a new adventure. Good for a mama letting her little man go...

Our verse for the school year. This verse has been really resonating with me lately. And it just keeps popping up in different places.

I found these cute little vintage notebooks a while back and love them! So does Malacai.

Our menu: grilled chicken | macaroni salad | corn bread pudding | peach & apple salad | lemonade | peach sundaes {thanks Uncle Roger for growing them & Aunt Jan for sharing your stash} | sparkling grape juice

What about you - do you have any back to school traditions?

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  1. Super Cute, Mand! I bet the boys (& Cait) loved it! You're always so creative, and you totally pulled it off!
    I can only hope I am as wonderfully thoughtful and creative of a mom as you are if I'm a mom someday!

    VER WORD: uritaro

  2. psht, you mean WHEN, not if, gingo! levi's little name on the corner. love the little notebooks. lovely back to school feast!

  3. yay! thanks for feeding me :)



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