Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Fun

Yesterday I went to a couple of thrift stores to look for some clothes for my Grammie {her clothes were ruined in the fire}. I know some might think that Grams should not be wearing clothes from a thrift shop, but honestly there is no better place to shop for Grams. She loves a good bargain, she shops at thrift stores, and where better to find the perfect clothes for her? So shop I did. {I also ran into my aunt at one of the stores who had left the hospital to go shop for Grams - what are the chances?!}

I got 6 pairs of pants, 3 sweatshirts, a nightgown and about 10 shirts for what you would pay for one pair of pants and one shirt at a department store. Honest.

Gram had quite the collection of brooches - so I got her a new one. And forgot to give it her this morning - oops!

I also knew Gram would want me to do a little shopping for myself. A new coat...

The cutest little fabric covered hat box....

And this globe to add to my collection!

Oh how I love thrifting!

It has been amazing to feel, see and hear the stories of the love being shown to our family during this time. Thank you. Gramps condition remains about the same - which is good. The first day the doctors were saying that he could get a lot worse over the next few days, but he has not, so we are very thankful.

.......... I'm writing this, Levi is walking around the house with a blanket thrown over his head and walking into tables and doors. Ahhh - Pippertones. What a crazy little fellow. And now he is standing on the coffee table - stuck. So I must go rescue the naughty little boy.

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  1. good job manda!! i'm pretty sure all those clothes look like you picked them right out of her closet ;-) and i'm sure she will be thrilled at your thrify-ness!! <3

  2. amazing! and gram look so snazzy in her purple hoodie tonight. and how cute are you with your little bun and new coat?! [haaaa - levi!]

  3. That was very sweet cousin! I would like to go thrifting with you sometime. Where did you stop? Very cute coat. It has been too long since I've visited this blog you have a whole new look! I will have to come back and explore more soon. (Am I allowed to cruise blogs when my kitchen floor is covered with scrambled eggs?)



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