Friday, August 12, 2011

O Happy Day

Back in April we got six baby chicks. And now we have farm fresh eggs! Yay - our little ladies have laid their first eggs! So, so excited...

Also - loving my vintage wire chicken basket - birthday present from my big sister!!

{how about a chicky vote? two clicks}


  1. yuck! you better not use those for anything you're making for tomorrow. puke.

  2. cute wire basket! i love farm fresh eggs. reminds me of growing up...enjoy!

  3. haa, cait...what in the world?!? woo hoo! soon my fridge will be full of mcgrath farm fresh eggs...keep up the good work ladies!!!

  4. what a great idea for you to have your own chickies with all the baking you do! love that basket. love.



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