Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lincoln's & Malacai's Vintage Style: Polos

I love these little shirts the boys have! I wish I could find more vintage polo shirts for them. {And wish I had one in Levi's size!}

And have to include a couple out-takes - they are my fav.

The boredom...

The fighting and pushing and tickling...

Love my boys!!

Shirts: vintage thrifted {by me? cait? mom?} Shorts: thrifted/hand-me-downs Sandals: thrifted/hand-me-downs

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  1. i love polos too! seems like they are always thrashed if i do find them though... little boys are hard on their clothes! what size does Levi wear?

  2. Those are pretty darn awesome-- I haven't found any vintage polos before! You are very lucky and your boys--oh so cute!

  3. does malacai grab every leaf he can find? hahah.
    they're a handsome pair.

  4. Oh that top photo is just classic and adorable!


  5. I wish I could find cute vintage polos for my son! Oh, and I love the chairs, were they thrifted too? Your boys are adorable!

  6. Love it and their names!

  7. your kids are totally adorable!!! LOve..i am your newest follower!

  8. Oh how I love these! My boys are 7 years apart, so I can't get many shots of them together...well at least where one isn't crying ;) It will be nice when the baby is a bit older and he can "pose" with his big brother.
    Love the vintage polo shirts too, so awesome - reminds me of MY brother's!

  9. Little boys in polos. Preppies in training. Adorable.

  10. OH MY! Your boys could not be any more adorable! I love the photos and their adorable personalities. They have fabulous names, too!

  11. They are just the sweetest little men ever!



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