Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Levi's Vintage Style: Snap-Up Hoodie

Thanks to all those who have been praying & sending love to our family. Things looked a little better for Grampa today - just because he was not worse. Keep on praying!


Oh I love this little hoodie. {Do you call these hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters or something different? I've heard them called all the above. I grew up calling them hoodies.} I love the color. I love the little snaps. I love that it's not too thin, not too thick. I'm also loving that we've had a few cool mornings! Cool enough to need to throw a hoodie on. Fall is coming...and I can't wait!

hoodie: vintage thrifted by Cait {I think?} | shorts: old navy, thrifted | toy: thrifted by Cait

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  1. ohh! those snaps. super sweet. and such a sweet pete.

  2. so cute! I miss those days when my boys' little shorts went down past their knees like that...

  3. He is adorable in his hoodie. I grew up calling them hoodies here in Australia.

  4. so cute, i love those perfect staple pieces that you know you can always go to!

  5. great hoodie and I love his little ride on toy too

  6. what a cutie!! lovely little face he has!!
    btw, i LOVE your parties posts. the details were amazing!! really inspiring :)

  7. I DO love that hoodie. Cute little hipster vintage threads for boys = much <3

  8. oh so handsome.. I love hoodies on a cool crisp morning!
    Mel :o)
    needle and nest design

  9. Thanks so much for joining in with Small Style! :)

    Such GREAT photos! He is so cute! I grew up calling them sweatshirts, but now my family calls them hoodies. I think it sounds better! :)

  10. adorable! the pictures you took were amazing!!

    we call them hoodies out in the dry heat of AZ. :)



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