Friday, August 5, 2011

Hello 3-0

Today I turn the big 3-0! Hard to believe it. Do you think I look a day over 29? ;) I'm actually feeling pretty blah - bad head cold. I'm trying to ignore it and party on!
My family threw me the loveliest surprise party two weeks ago. It actually was the second attempt on their part - the first time I was stoning it - and they had to abort all plans. I feel so bad because they had planned on doing it way back in June so that my baby sister could be there! {She did make this party via video chat at least} And I was totally clueless both times!!
The party was all colors and balloons and my favorite foods and back yard drive-in and everything party-pretty. They planned it so that I would be able to have keepsakes that I will be able to reuse in all the party-throwing that I do. Pretty bunting, wooden crates, drink dispenser...all for me to take home & keep! Isn't that the best idea?
I went picture happy in this post - but it's my party so....My sister has photos on her blog of the party - pictures that the oh-so famous jalexander photographer shot. And Cait has lovely party photos as well. There were so many things I didn't even photograph - hard to believe with the amount of photos in this post, right?
Enjoy my party...

Big round balloons & pretty bunting...two of my favorite things.

Little pretties.

The flowers in the vintage tin it! {I want to steal that can from my mom}

They had frames hanging in the trees and used that for a photo booth. I love that my gram wasn't quite tall enough!

Rye boat dip and the best taco layer dip. Ever.

Oh the perfectness of these rainbow fruit kabobs!

Perfect deviled eggs and rainbow peppers.

Um, my husband doesn't bother to tell me when I have crazy hair going on. The cutest baby girl. Everyone wore a different color to the party...and Fabs had rainbow leggings! {Marla should have a group photo of us on her blog}

My new drink dispenser! Pink lemonade with blueberries and the required soda bottles that are present at pretty much every party.

Aren't these mason jars with buttons so cute? Love the colorful paper straws.

Taste the rainbow.

Aunt Jan's cappuccino cheesecake. Best.Ever. {I will share this recipe with you sometime}

I take my cheesecake seriously.

Marla made the prettiest, yummiest cake. The perfect turquoise color and pretty little gold stars!

Doesn't everyone take pictures of their cakes in fields?

My mama being silly...but I love this photo! It makes me want to always take pictures eating cakes in fields!

Cait made these pretty little oreo pops!! Aren't they perfect? And so yummy...

Yay - Lyndsay & Andy made it to the party! Beamed in from the west coast!

My family made a back yard drive in! My dad made benches and lounge chairs out of wooden pallets - isn't that the greatest?!

Enjoying our movie - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...classic!

So dreamy...Thank you to my wonderful, loving family for throwing me such a lovely party! {And for those wondering about a lack of little boys in the photos - they were there for a little while at the beginning and then my niece came to pick them up and take them home so we could stay late for the movie! Perfect!}


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! craaazy that you are 30! and no, you don't look it (that's a good thing, right?!). you guys are so cute with your party-ness! love the decor and the backyard movie! super fun!

  2. oops. that ^ was me. doug doesn't ever blog anymore... (but he wishes you a happy birthday as well!)

  3. shmoly that is the best party EVER!!!

    i cannot get over the photo of your mom in a field with cake. that is just fabulous!

    happy birthday - 30 is rad. you're gonna love it :)

  4. happy birthday seeeester. tanks for finally coming to the party. ;) xo.

  5. oh my! i love everything about this party! those fruit kabobs, the colors, lynz&andy skyped in! hooray & happy birthday :)

  6. Your party looks amazing!! You girls should go into the party planning business.
    And Seven Brides for Seven Brother was one of my favorite movies growing up.

  7. happy 30th!!! looks like you had a lovely party! those frames are awesome, what a great idea!
    ps: where do you get those big round balloons???

  8. Love everything about your party. Your gram is adorable

  9. wow!! sooo fun!! happy bday to you! love the party decor! simply lovely.

  10. i think your photos are better than mine. happy birthday!

  11. Browsing on through your blog Manda, and this is just so amazeballs. Love the photos. Love your blog.




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