Monday, August 15, 2011

Camp-Out Birthday Party

Finally getting around to posting the pictures from Lincoln's fifth birthday party {back in June}. For his birthday, he said he wanted to have a tent and a fire. Done & done....and then some. I was so excited to do a camp-out theme because we love camping. And therefore, we have a lot of camping related items - which made decorating easy. And I wanted to make s'more desserts. This party was so much fun! And I'm so thankful that we had a lovely day so that we could have it in the backyard.

The "main" table was the dessert table, because, well we know what's important around here. I made the banner using burlap and paint and my mom sewed it together. Extra burlap was used for the tablecloth. Mike made the "Camp Lincoln" sign and used a wood burner to write on it.

Mike also made all the wooden labels for the food.

As well as collecting & cutting the wood used for stands {thank you my love!}.

Saw another camp themed party that had Boston Baked-Beans candy and thought it was cute - so I picked up a box from the Dollar Store.

Plates & napkins from my favorite store, Wegmans. Our dinner menu included: pizza hobo pies, fire-roasted hot dogs, baked beans, deviled eggs, watermelon and garlic potatoes.

Mike, Lincoln and my cousin Jessica roasting hot dogs. Wondering why we have so many red & black shirts? Have to wait till October to find out...

Log candle holders were made by Justin {years ago}. Vintage thermos from Andy & Lyndsay {knew we could find something to do with that!} And yes, that's a little camping espresso maker that Mike wrestled from a bear in the mountains. {Real story: hiker had backpack stolen by bear, bear left items from backpack all throughout the woods, Mike happened upon the espresso maker...long after the bear had left - and the hiker}. Had gummy snakes on the tables...the boys loved these.

Beef jerky for the campers. Log toothpick Slim Jim holder also made by Justin. Deviled eggs made by my Grammy. {I love her egg dish. And her.}

Ah - s'more desserts. These cookies are so amazing. I got a kitchen torch and now can "burn" my food. It is so much fun!

Made little birds nests cookies. {Marla saved the day by still having mini robin eggs candy left from Easter!} And a pine cone cake.

Yes, that's right. A pine cone cake. The cake is featured in Rose Levy Beranbaum's Cake Bible. It was the perfect cake for a camp out party! {A bit tedious to make though...that's a lot of "pine petals"}

Our snack food included: s'more goldfish, chocolate covered pretzels {firewood}, tootsie rolls {logs}, homemade trail mix, giant marshmallows, and of course s'mores.

Chocolate graham crackers + peanut butter cups + roasted marshmallow = delicious!

We used a picnic basket for presents. The vintage hiking boots are Cait's {so cute, right?}. We actually played every "game" listed on the chalkboard.

Cait also picked up these cute onion bags for us to use for our sack race {from the pizza place where she used to work}. These are our very rad corn hole boards made by Andy & Lyndsay.

Cousin Tate taking a dramatic fall {no children were hurt during the course of this party...} during the sack race.

Lincoln turned out to be a champ at the sack race and wanted to race cousin Andrew, trying to keep up.

Little Levi with his red & black bandana bib {or neckercheif as my mom calls them} - made by my mom. Um, yes, I too participated in the sack race {a lot harder than it seems...especially in a tiny bag!}

I saw a "don't feed the bears" sign on another blog {not sure where though} and we just happen to have a very large stuffed bear in our house, so I knew he finally had a purpose other than always seeming to be in mama's way. Sign made by my love.

Linc could not wait to roast a giant marshmallow {I think the birthday boy even got to indulge before dinner...}!

Ever since Malacai had a sparkler on his birthday cupcake - Linc had been talking about how he wanted to have one for his birthday. He promised not to react like Malacai though.

Some hecklers in the crowd told the boys they could blow the sparkler out if they tried hard enough.

Running through the fields - chasing fireflies.

Such a lovely, fun party!

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  1. Oh my word! This is totally awesome! Seriously, I am going to have bookmark this post so I remember all your ideas for my boys' next birthday. :)

  2. wow, what an awesome party!! great ideas!

  3. finally! haha. so cute. that picture of the sack race with tate falling is probably the best picture ever! great falling pose by tate and all the onlookers seem quite excited.

  4. how fun! great theme! ha - i love that mar had easter candy left over! what a champ!

  5. how fun. you can plan my daughters next bday :)

  6. your creativity blows me away!!! what a cool party!!!

  7. yay...finalyyy! so much fun. ahh, that tate pic! not one pic of the fabs in her little lumberjack shirt?? ;)



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