Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Birth Day

Some photos from my birthday. I joined the in-crowd and got an iphone a couple weeks ago {and made Michael get one too}. And I'm not going to lie...I love it! {I have been an Apple lover for the last 10 years though...eek - 10 years - I'm so old - so it's no surprise I love my new little toy.}

O I do love this vintage-y birthday banner!

Mmm...greasy breakfast sandwich...lovin' it.

At the playground sharing yummy drinks.

Swinging is my fav.

A cute vintage present {picnic basket} and cute homemade card.

Big balloons - so much fun! {This is actually from a few days before}

Deep dish pizza from Main Street Pizza...love.

Charcoal BBQ wings from Main Street Pizza - really love.

Cream soda is my fav.

Sparklers on a mini cake.

{Pretend} Blowing out the candles.

Also - you have to check out the pictures from my surprise party that Marla and Caitlin posted - so, so lovely!

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  1. it's been foreverrrr since i had a deep dish. i want i want! did you bake your own birfday cake?? your hair looks feathered in the last pic. cute card.

  2. i love that picture of you & weebs. {as i already said on instagram} but seriously, so cute.



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