Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Swim Style

This heat wave has been unbearable. I saw on the news that someone baked cookies on their car's dashboard...what?! So we've been pool crashing a lot.
Sometimes I get so frustrated trying to take pictures of the boys - they are always doing their own thing or running away. Even with bribery {chocolate chips for this shoot} - I can't always get them to cooperate. But then looking back through the pictures - I always laugh at the shots I get. And then have to share too many with you because I love them all!
So here's Malacai & Levi - rocking their striped vintage swim trunks.

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  1. ah ha haa! loooove it. looks like levi has the choppers open & ready for the chocolate chips!

  2. love those red swim shorts!!!

  3. you got some great shots! i get frustrated sometimes too, but there are always some good ones and i'm glad to have them to look back on. hope you survive the heat! your guys are swimming in style!

  4. So cute! What a couple of little characters!

  5. that first pic of malacai....i can't even handle his pose!!! so funny!

    stay cool :o)

  6. oh my goodness. i love those goofy bears.



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