Thursday, July 7, 2011

Malacai's Vintage Style: Knicker Overalls

I love these vintage overalls. The hounds tooth. That they're knickers. When I have something like this that I just love, I'm so glad to have three boys so that I can see it worn again and again.

This post is a bit photo heavy because I actually got Malacai to model decently for me!! He was so good - of course the little bribery you see in the photo below might have helped some. And I'll give Cai a little shout out: he's wearing underwear in these photos!!

Overalls: {Kitestrings brand} vintage thrifted {another great find by Cait}
Hat: Children's Place

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  1. oh, he looks so handsome! what cute pictures, love the quilt too... and way to go on potty training!

  2. haa! cai, i am super impressed with the modeling. [who are you & what did you did with malacai?!] great pics, love the knickers. and a BIG woot woot for wunderwears! love my little cai guy.

  3. so darling!! yep, suckers work wonders!

  4. Awww what a handsome little land! He looks rockin' in these overalls!!



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