Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fourth Food & Fun

The fourth of July means a huge family reunion on my mom's side of the family. It's a 3 day event that takes place at Uncle Hubba's {there we go with the nicknames...} pond and there's always well over 100 in attendance. There's food galore, swimming in the pond, drinking lots of soda from the huge vat filled with soda cans, an egg toss, every outdoor sports game, and lots of family togetherness.
I didn't get nearly enough photos of all the festivities that went on. It's hard to take pictures when you spend most of your time wrangling a very busy 14 month old.

My patriotic raspberry pie.

I made a flag cake that I found here...what a fun surprise to cut into! {I was so relieved it looked good when I cut that first slice!}

My mom is Independence's Day's biggest fan!! She looked so cute - and she even painted her toenails red and white stripes!!

Red Velvet Brownies. Delish. Recipe here. I followed the recipe exactly {except I doubled it} but Justin & I both thought cream cheese buttercream would have made these even more divine. Guess I'll just have to make them again to try it out...oh the things I must suffer through!

Little boys playing in the sand at Uncle Roger's pond {day one of the reunion was actually spent here because there was a wedding at the other pond that day}.

The egg toss! Malacai & Tate were partners - they only made it a few tosses before their egg broke.

Lincoln really didn't want to do this game - I had to pretty much drag him to the field...and then he won! Well he & Donovan tied for first with sweet little Amelia & Ryan - neither team's eggs would break even as they were moved farther and farther they finally called the game a tie.

Ice cream cones are always a big hit with the little crowd. I love that Cai is inhaling his and this is Ryan - who was "dripping" as Malacai told him.

And sweet little Levi - always trying to get a bite from someone. This is my new favorite thing that he does - whenever he sees someone eating or drinking something, he'll lean towards them and open his mouth.

My thrifted vintage fourth dress. I did a fun photo shoot with Cait that morning - you can see it here.

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  1. ohh are going to make me large. very, very large. i suppose it will be worth it. everything pictured here TASTED even BETTER thank it LOOKS! you are simply incredible. and my sweet tooth thanks you profusely. give us a call when you have the red velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting...
    love that pic of weebs! i can hear him now, 'ah ah ahhh'! and the little daisies in your hair...too much, i love it!

  2. ooo i saw a version of that pie topping on annie's eats and really wanted to make it!!! yours looks so fantastic! and YOWZA that flag cake rocks. way to go!

  3. Manda please make desserts and send them to me. Thanks



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